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Fast, Simple, Easy To Use Amazon Seller Software

Everything you need to optimize your Amazon sponsored ad campaigns in minutes. Dominate your niche with an Entourage of easy to use tools at your fingertips. Stay at the forefront of the competitive curve!

PPC Entourage will change forever how you (or your competitors) create, manage and profit from Amazon Sponsored Ad Campaigns.

Our suite of Amazon ppc tools will significantly increase the odds of you building and maintaining a consistently profitable and thriving business.

PPC Entourage is designed to track the important metrics in any Amazon PPC sponsored ad campaigns in a clear and intuitive way…you can see what’s going on at a glance. There’s never been a more visually appealing and extremely user-friendly experience.

Upon login you will know at a glance

  • Your Gross Revenues
  • Your Net Revenues
  • Your Ad Spend
  • Your Acos percentage
  • Your Profits
  • Number of Impressions
  • Number of Clicks
  • Number of Orders
  • Conversion Percentage
  • Organic versus PPCProfits
  • Your Top Selling Products
  • Your Top Campaigns


  1. Find Brand New Keywords: this feature Allows you to enter large lists of Amazon keywords to see if those keywords are already being used in your campaigns. Simply select the SKU’s you want analyzed and ONLY THOSE keywords that have NOT been previously placed into your campaigns will appear at the click of a button. (Works with Keyword Inspector, Merchant Words, or similar, or can be loaded on a per-word basis)
  2. Find Duplicate Keywords: This function allows you to analyze a SKU, then find all of the corresponding campaigns that may have the same keywords in them (click duplicate), or that are in multiple campaigns.
  3. Match Type Expansion: It’s a great way to see what’s missing across the different match-types (Broad, Phrase, or Exact) and expand to multiple match-types.


Search Term Expansion

Now you will see a list of the most profitable keywords based upon your selection. You can copy and paste those easily into new phrase and exact campaigns on Amazon.

Search Term Expansion allows you to quickly discover the exact customer search terms that generate more profits per click for your business. This way you can turn those customer search terms into keywords for new Amazon sponsored ad campaigns.

By doing this, our system will scan through all of your campaigns to check if this search term has been used as a keyword before and give you only the ones that haven’t been used.

The great thing about PPC Entourage is that it allows you to see how you are doing with specific keywords for a particular SKU. In this way you can start to make connections to determine which SKU’s and keywords work well together.

Search Term Reports

Our system also allows you to determine your non-profitable Amazon keywords, so that you can pause or shut them off. This means

You will no longer have to spend hours sifting through Amazon search term reports.
You will no longer be wasting money on keywords that aren’t serving you.

Mind-blowing seriously, I tried to do these things manually, I hate it! It’s taking up hours of my day. This is really mind-blowing that everything is done for me. Seriously, I can’t wait until this is live.

Within our Listing Optimization Module, you are able to take the guess work out of your Amazon PPC campaigns with these simple to use functions…

Amazon Keyword Tracking allows you to track the amount of profit your product is making for a given keyword over a period of time.

Click the image above to see how this feature will track your most successful keywords.

Search Term Optimization

Using our Search Term Optimization feature allows you to take your most popular and profitable Amazon keywords and search terms and add them to your back-end keyword list in order of popularity, with the click of a button.

If the keyword already exists on your list it will not be added. Most popular keywords will fill up the first field until it reaches 1000 characters and then work its way to the next field. It just doesn’t get any easier than that.

This feature alone will save you hours each month of pain-staking research and effort.

Video Drive

Click the image above to delve deeper into Search Term Optimization

Along with not knowing which Amazon campaigns are profitable; a large number of Amazon sellers also don’t have any idea of how to track their profits over time for each SKU.

With our Campaign Optimization tool, once a seller updates their profit margins, they will be able to quickly and easily identify which campaigns are bringing in money and which are costing them the most money.

PPC Entourage will be able to track your profits month-after-month for each SKU. You will know

  • If your profit margins are increasing, or decreasing
  • If the Impressions for a particular campaign are increasing or decreasing
  • What your Amazon Ad Spend is versus profit

Our at a glance charts will give you this information in an easy to read format, so that you are able to quickly see the health of each Amazon campaign over a period of time.

Knowing how each of your campaigns performs over time will give you a significant competitive edge.

While your competitors are trying to figure out HOW to figure out if they are making or losing money on their Amazon campaigns; you will be optimizing yours based upon the solid data that PPC Entourage has tracked for you over time. With PPC Entourage you no longer have to run any of your campaigns in the Guess Zone.

The net result…more profits per click.

Along with knowing which Amazon campaigns are profitable and tracking your data over time, it’s also vital that you know which Amazon keywords are profitable and have the ability to track the performance of your keywords over time.

Using our Amazon keyword tool optimization module, allows you to determine profitable vs. non-profitable Amazon keywords.

For profitable Amazon keywords, you can track the success of that keyword within your campaign over time. For non-profitable Amazon keywords, consider pausing them within your campaign. Please keep in mind that newer campaigns might take some time to generate clearly defined results. You may want to consider waiting some time before you decide to pause a non-profitable keyword.

Mind-blowing seriously, I tried to do these things manually, I hate it! It’s taking up hours of my day. This is really mind-blowing that everything is done for me. Seriously, I can’t wait until this is live. – Tony R.

Using our Search Term Optimization feature helps sellers as they gain more visibility in the market place. The goal of this module is to determine search term(s) that help the user to spend less money on Amazon PPC because they are getting better results through organic searches.

For Negative Exact search terms, you can see the exact customer search terms that generated clicks and ad spend but did not lead to sales.

Negative exact search terms are organized by ad spend. This way you determine the exact customer search terms that are costing you the most money so you can add them as negative exact keywords in your campaign.

Ad Groups

Another feature we’re excited about pertains to Ad Groups.

Using PPC Entourage you will be able to compare different Ad Groups within each of your Amazon campaigns.

Ppc Entourage Adgroups

For example:

In Ad Group 1 you can test the same keywords under a Broad Match.

In Ad Group 2 you can test keywords under a Phrase Match

In Ad Group 3 you can test keywords under an Exact Match

PPC Entourage allows you to click and see which campaign and Match-type is the most profitable.

Gone are the days and sleepless nights of spending hour-after-hour sifting through mountains of data.

It’s never been easier to get started

We walk you through step-by-step so that you’ll be able to quickly utilize PPC Entourage to:

  • Reduce your Amazon PPC campaign costs (turn off the keywords that are needlessly draining money from your campaigns)
  • Increase your Amazon organic search visibility (identify the Golden Nuggets that will unleash a flood of customers finding your products through organic searchers)
  • Save hours of drudgery (you can sift through your Search Term reports the old fashioned way see you in a few hours or you can let our 21st Century technology give you the data you need to optimize any of your PPC campaigns in minutes
  • Leverage the information generated by our Optimization Tools to help you to create NEW products.

Your Biggest Competitive Edge Starts Here!

  • Know Exactly How Your Amazon Campaigns are Performing (while your competitors guess)
  • Optimize Your Amazon PPC Campaigns in Minutes
  • Dominate Your Niche with an Entourage of Easy To Use Tools at Your Fingertips

It’s Time To Change The Landscape Of Your Amazon Business!