Entourage Storefront Services.

Maximize Engagement, Increase Brand Awareness,
Build Loyalty and Trust

Entourage Storefront Services

Amazon Brand Stores allow you to introduce your brand’s story to a wider audience, while giving your customers an immersive, user-friendly shopping experience that increases sales, repeat buyers, and builds loyalty.

Entourage’s Storefront Services can revitalize an existing storefront or build a new one from the ground up, that 2x’s your brand’s visibility by creating a memorable, brand-specific shopping experience for your customers.

If you want to…

  • Increase revenue, cross-sales, and conversion rates
  • Have shoppers learn more about your brand
  • Give shoppers an opportunity to explore your full range of products and buy
  • Build an emotional connection so that your customers trust you and your products over your competitors, and...
  • Improve overall customer satisfaction with a seamless shopping experience

…Entourage Storefront Services can create a better shopping experience for your customers across mobile and desktop with a rich, customized, multi-media Amazon store.

What you can expect with Entourage Storefront Services:

What are the prerequisites for Storefront Services?
  • Brand Registry - Amazon Brand Registry is needed to have access to Storefront

  • Creative Assets - Logo, Product, and lifestyle photography as well as video content is crucial

    • Don't have lifestyle photography or videos? Not a problem! We will work with your current creative assets or help you build assets with our trusted partners

Fast Turnaround time* - Storefront to be completed within 15 business days under the following conditions: All Creative Assets (Photography, logo, Banners, videos )and timely Seller Central Access. Extensions may be needed in the event of Amazon Server downtime. 3 Revision Requests* - Revision requests are tweaks and minor cosmetic changes limited to: Swap or exchange of photography, copy, videos, ASINs

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  • Price: $997 per brand.

Once you pay for your new (or revamped) storefront, you will be redirected to a brief form, which will tell us more about your brand. This quick form is mandatory in order for us to begin services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will My New Storefront Take?

Storefronts will be completed within 15 business days. If there are any delays in us receiving creative assets or Seller Central access, completion will take longer. If Amazon experiences server downtime, this may also affect turnaround time.

How Many Revisions Do I Get?

You get 3 revision requests. Revision requests are defined as tweaks and minor cosmetic changes, limited to: Swap or exchange of photography, copy, videos, ASINs.

Do I Have To Have Brand Registry?


I Paid, But My Browser Blocked The Redirect. What Do I Do?

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How Soon Until I See Results?

Please wait 45 days, and then review your Stores insights to see your progress!

Unstoppable Amazon Ad Guarantee:

Your storefront comes with three revisions, and in the unlikely event of any rejections from Amazon, we’ll take care of everything until your storefront is approved!

Support Included

Once you sign up, you’ll be contacted by your personal Storefront Creative Specialist. You’ll get a direct link to schedule a call with them to discuss your brand and any questions you may have about how we’ll build you a storefront that makes you more money.

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