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Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon sellers of any size are eligible, but please note that Amazon Management Services can only work with products while they are in stock. If you need us to work on some products while you wait for others to arrive, please let us know.

We’ve heard the stories of some of our competitors charging up to $300 for a single SKU not the case with Entourage Management Services! Our pricing model, just like the pricing for our software, is based on the number of SKUs we’ll be working with:

  • 2-5 SKUs: $497/month
  • 6-21: $997/mo
  • 22-51: $1497/mo
  • 52 and up: E-mail for special pricing on EMS for 52 or more SKUs.

You can choose which SKUs we manage, and update that list any time.

Yes! Not only will we send you monthly reports, but you also have the option to schedule monthly calls with our team to discuss your progress and to ask questions. All calls are via Skype, and our team will be happy to answer any and all questions regarding your services.

We don’t have any stern rules, but we have guidelines we strongly suggest you follow for the best results. We suggest listings have at least 10 reviews, predominantly positive, before starting that product with EMS. We will, on occasion, take on brand new products with no sales or reviews, but please keep in mind that it takes longer to gain traction with listings like these. If your listing has mostly negative reviews, consider evaluating your product and making upgrades, then running campaigns on your new and improved product. The hard truth is, the best advertising in the world won’t sell a product that people dislike, and we don’t want you to waste your hard earned dollars on ads when the real work needs to happen with the product or listing.

If you’re not sure if your product is ready, we’ll be happy to do a review of your listing before your on-boarding call with us. Your success is our success.