Being Profitable With Amazon Ads is Hard Easy.

PPC Entourage can easily optimize and expand your Amazon ads without the need of complex spreadsheets.
Increase sales.
Lower ACoS.
Maximize profits.

Ever Feel Like You’re
Drowning In Data?

  • Save countless hours with sales-driven automation

    Our system does all the heavy lifting for you thanks to our powerful Amazon sales-driven tools. You can use as much (or as little) automation as you’d like to control bid price, remove search terms that are wasting your ad spend, and much much more!

  • Eliminate guesswork with proven Amazon PPC strategies

    No more spreadsheets, headaches, guessing, or hoping that your campaigns will be profitable. Use the bulk optimizer to optimize all of your campaigns in minutes, not hours.

  • Increase Organic Sales (the sales you don’t need to pay for)

    Locate untapped search terms that Amazon customers are using right now to purchase products like yours. The platform harvests these sales-generating search terms and turns them into keywords that are applied to your campaigns. This helps you rank for these newfound keywords organically, thus increasing both PPC sales and organic sales.

  • 1-Year Money Back Guarantee

    Our "No Brainer" Guarantee - if PPC Entourage Software doesn't make you more money and help you build a more profitable brand, don't worry... Our "No Brainer" guarantee means Entourage pays for itself or your money back!

Replace Complicated Spreadsheets


  • The most advanced, easy to use bulk editor that helps you make changes to hundreds of campaigns at once.
  • Find unprofitable SKUs across any campaign and ad group with ease and take action.
  • Optimize your bids across multiple campaigns and ad groups at once using our max bid formula.
  • Advanced filters and saveable templates to help you comb through data in seconds.
  • Find all unprofitable search terms and ASINs across all campaigns to create negative match types.
  • Find EVERY Negative word that lead to lost sales based on proven data and eliminate them in seconds
  • Real time sync with Amazon means instant changes directly from our platform.
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Automate Your Business

Optimize & Save Automatically

  • Create rules for optimization to target your desired ACoS.
  • Super advanced optimization rules allow you to define the lookback period and frequency.
  • Automatically negate cash sucking search terms based on your rules.
  • Enjoy dayparting and seasonal bid and budget control.
  • Apply autopilot templates to multiple campaigns at once.

Expand & Grow Automatically

  • Automatically raise bids on targets that are not getting impressions.
  • Automatic profitable search term migration from one campaign to another.
  • Automatic ASIN migration from Auto campaigns to another campaign.
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These Sellers Turned Data into Dollars...

"Gives me total control of my campaigns..."

Gives me total control of my campaigns and PPC management doesn't take all my day anymore.

Yenal Guller
Yenal Guller

Faster and easier way to find success in Amazon seller. Best tool.

Khushbu Desai


I just used it and it is thoroughly a simple and easiest process to optimize campaigns well with huge profit..

Umang Patel
Umang Patel

Get More Sales With Amazon Ads using PPC Entourage

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PPC Entourage

14 day free Trial
  • Organic vs PPC Comparison & True ACoS data
  • Advanced Reporting Metrics
  • Dayparting (Schedule Campaigns by time of day)
  • Automated Daily Bid Adjustments
  • Automated Negative Optimizations
  • Bulk Campaign Optimizations
  • Finds Brand New Keywords
  • Expand and Test Match Types
  • Backend Search Terms Optimization
  • Supports all ad types including Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand, Sponsored Display and Video!
  • Use Search Term Report to Improve Listing Keywords
  • Track Listing change impacts on PPC with A/B Split Testing

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