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If you are an Amazon seller (or thinking about becoming one),

If you want to create a significant competitive edge for your business,

If you no longer want to spend countless hours sifting through mountains of boring data reports,

If you want to make more profits per click, but do it in a way that is fast, simple and easy to understand

There are products out there claiming to help Amazon sellers by giving them all the information they need to optimize their Amazon PPC campaigns. Unfortunately, this information may or may not eventually help them to improve their campaigns.

The only certainty is that those Amazon sellers who use these systems are buried beneath mountains of data, forced to spent hour-after-torturous- hour, trying to make sense of the massive data overload dumped on their virtual doorsteps.

And the worst part…at the end of this sifting drudgery, many are extremely frustrated because they are still unsure that they have pulled the kind information from these reports necessary to improve their present Amazon PPC campaigns, or ones planned for the future.

Also, did we mention that they are usually not given any clear help on how to effectively implement within their Amazon PPC campaigns whatever information they have managed to finally unearth?

As regular Amazon sellers ourselves, we have been there, sifting through dozens of reports, crunching data and feverishly trying to figure out how to get ahead of the competition. While our results have been fantastic, we knew there had to be a better, faster solution that could not only help us crush the competition, but also give us our precious time back.

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop sifting through reports and excel spread sheets trying to find those stubborn search terms that are draining you of your hard earned profits?

Your time is valuable and there are so many other things you could be doing with it to grow your Amazon business.

End this cycle of wasted effort and time, frustration and uncertainty.

Introducing PPC Entourage…



Easy To Use

PPC Entourage is made for the everyday Amazon seller. It completely simplifies the PPC process allowing you to easily understand profitability, discover hidden golden nugget search terms and find poor performing keywords that are draining your bank account month- after-month. All in a matter of minutes!

Whether you are a seasoned Amazon seller or offering your very first product; we can help you to spend less on each Amazon PPC campaign by identifying the most critical components necessary for maximizing your ROI for each PPC dollar spent.

Our proprietary software platform is design to identify the most effective revenue-generating search terms (and the ones you are wasting money on) so that you can create Amazon PPC campaigns that cost less, but deliver higher profits.

The PPC Entourage Amazon seller software will help you make more money, but do it in a way that is fast, simple and easy to understand; creating a significant competitive edge.

Using each of the features that we eventually developed has had a HUGE impact on our business and in our personal lives. In the last six months, our revenues have doubled.

We are no longer slaves to data reports, confused about what our profit margins are, or if we are truly making a profit. We have also been able to take back control of our days, enjoying more leisure time and time with family and friends.

We at PPC Entourage feel very blessed and fortunate. We are firm believers in paying it forward. That’s why we want to share the PPC Entourage platform with YOU, our sisters and brothers in the Amazon sellers community.

We want to help all Amazon sellers to change the landscape of their present business. We want to give those individuals who are considering becoming Amazon sellers, the opportunity to have a resource that will save them precious time and money.

We would like to extend an invitation to join the Entourage VIP Community.

We invite you to let us help you in YOUR journey. It’s an opportunity for you to let us show you what really works… to gain valuable insights and practical knowledge.

For those of you who have recently joined our Entourage VIP Community, we welcome you again and give you our most sincere pledge to do everything in our power to help you to be successful (in whatever terms you define success).


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