Our Story

PPC Entourage was born out of frustration

There just had to be an easier way…a faster way…a better way, to find success as an Amazon seller, than the soul-draining, seemingly endless process of just trying to figure out what might work.

My core team and I are Amazon sellers just like you. We’ve lost count of the days and nights that have been spent sitting in Starbucks and later at home for hours, painstakingly attempting to make sense of data from reports; intimidated and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information that needed to be sifted through in order to begin optimizing a single campaign.

They say necessity is the mother of all invention. In our case, necessity became the mother of innovation. My business partner and I were always driven to put in the work to take our business to the next level; however, we realized that we couldn’t do things the same old way.

We spent hours, (along with other like-minded individuals who would eventually form the core of the Entourage team); brainstorming about all of the different pieces that go into creating a successful, fully optimized Amazon PPC campaign, that would give us more profits per click and reduce our Ad spend.

It has been a journey of discovery…learning all about the different components that go into creating a successful PPC campaign; learning the nuts and bolts of how to create and configure a software platform; learning through a series of frustrations, setbacks and hard-won victories.

It has absolutely been worth every minute, hour and day. The journey has impacted so many people across the country and even outside of it; providing them with a cutting-edge resource that will help them to finally realize their visions for personal and financial freedom.

For my business partner and I, the journey has allowed us to take back control of how we spend each day, (no longer a luxury, but an expectation) and it has also afforded us financial success. We have used PPC Entourage to triple our profits in a matter of months.

But beyond that, our journey has inspired us…

One of the most important things that we realized throughout the process of taking our business to the next level, was that we wanted to give other Amazon sellers the opportunity to experience not only the financial rewards that are possible, but to help them to have the type of personal freedom that they may have desired for a very long time, but couldn’t figure out a way to achieve.

This is not theory, but a proven, real-world solution that has helped us to…

  • reduce expenditures
  • improve our Organic Visibility,
  • and given us more free time to enjoy Life on our terms because…

PPC Entourage allows us to optimize different aspects of our PPC campaigns in minutes, not hours, (and it will help you to do the same). Be sure to check out our Amazon PPC guide for beginners.

Mike and the PPC Entourage Team