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We offer done-for-you Amazon PPC management so you can spend more time growing your business while we focus on increasing your advertising profits.

Watch how our clients respond to our services

End wasteful ad spend & decrease your cost per sale

Scale profitable ads without hurting results

Discover & implement more profitable keywords

Optimize bids & budgets to achieve the highest profitability

Your Ad Campaigns are Leaking Money. Entourage Management Services Will Fix This.

See a couple of examples of how our results-driven, proven strategies deliver higher profits for our clients.

Happy Client A


  • Ad Spend: $1,520.18
  • Orders: 399
  • ACoS: 12.6%
  • Gross Revenue: $12,109.22


  • Ad Spend: $5,068.96
  • Orders: 139%954
  • ACoS: 18.5%
  • Gross Revenue: 126.8%$27,467.92
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Happy Client B


  • Ad Spend: $2,396.82
  • Orders: 588
  • ACoS: 17.8%
  • Gross Revenue: $13,485.992


  • Ad Spend: $3,831.206
  • Orders: 54.3%907
  • ACoS: 19.3%
  • Gross Revenue: 47%$19,824.14
Download Our PDF Case Study

What You Get With Our Management Services

The process we will use to keep your ads profitable and consistently improving.

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We will audit & optimize your existing PPC campaigns

We will review, optimize, and expand upon your existing PPC campaigns to ensure that we keep only the best of what is already in place while eliminating pre-existing wasteful ad spend.

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We will
audit your listings

Ad campaigns are only as good as your product listings. We will review your listings and make recommendations to improve your conversions before expanding any more on your ad campaigns.

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We will perform
ongoing campaign optimization

Ongoing optimization is the key to lower average cost of sales (ACoS) and higher ROIs. We’ll optimize your bids and budgets to ensure you’re spending every ad dollar wisely, and perform ongoing search term optimization to locate and remove unprofitable terms.

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We will do
keyword research & expansion

We’ll use a variety of resources to determine the hottest keywords for your products, along with competitor analysis, reverse ASIN searches, and more. Then we will use this valuable data to expand your keywords so you can attract additional buyers for your products.

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We will expand
your search terms

We will research the profitable search terms buried deep within your campaigns to discover which search terms are connecting with your prospects. We’ll then convert this low hanging fruit into keywords and begin bidding on them.

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“I couldn't be happier with this service”
“I used to struggle with handling our PPC campaigns and staying on top of them. I just never felt I had the time to devote to it that I felt I needed. Since PPC Entourage has taken over, our ACOS has come down to a profitable number, our sales have climbed and our BSRs have improved dramatically. I couldn’t be happier with this service.”
John Fenton
Perfect and Simple Solutions

What You Can Expect From Entourage Management Services

Effective Sponsored Products management involves careful, painstaking work because every niche and product is unique in its own way and requires a custom tailored approach.
  • A customized strategy to be developed for you by your account manager.
  • An individualized timeline for demonstrated results for realistic improvement expectations.
  • A detailed progress report each month that identifies key performance metrics and gives you an easily understandable rundown of how your account is doing.
  • While we’re the PPC experts, you’re the expert in your product/niche so you can expect active collaboration in areas beyond the scope of management procedures for maximal results.
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Timeline Expectations

Calendar 1 - 4 Weeks

We analyze your existing listing(s) and campaign(s) and fill in advertising gaps with the appropriate campaigns and ad groups (there may be initial spikes and dips in your numbers in any research period).

Calendar 4 - 8 Weeks

We carefully monitor adjustments made to address any initial problems, scale best performing areas while optimizing bids, budgets, and keywords.

Calendar 8 - 12 Weeks & On

This marks the completion of the research phase. We continue tweaking strategies to ensure the best ROI (adaptation to market trends) and apply further stabilization (month-to-month growth numbers identified).

Ongoing Communication

When you join Entourage Management Services, we will provide you with an experienced Account Manager who will be your direct point of contact with us. Your Account Manager will work with you to clarify your unique goals, and will develop a strategy to reach your objectives.

All of our Account Managers are trained the Entourage way…

  • They work for us (not an outsourced agency).
  • Are well-versed in all Blueprint Series concepts.
  • Have current Amazon accreditation.
  • Attend weekly team meetings and get ongoing education.

Your Account Manager will have the same dedication to the quality of service you’ve come to
expect from PPC Entourage.

Your Account Manager will check in with you at a minimum of once per week, and you’ll also get
monthly calls with them to discuss progress, adjust goals and budgets, etc. EMS clients are also
entitled to exclusive 30 minute Strategy Sessions with Mike Zagare (2 per year).

How many parent SKU’s would you like us to manage?

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How much do I need?

  • Audits of Your Current PPC Campaigns
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Search Term Expansion
  • Listing Audit & Recommendation
  • Keyword Research & Expansion
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Done-For-You Amazon PPC Management

Done-For-You Amazon PPC Management

Done-For-You Amazon PPC Management

Done-For-You Amazon PPC Management

SKU’s Managed
  • No Long-term Contracts
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Risk Free Guarantee
  • Audits of Your Current PPC Campaigns
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Search Term Expansion
  • Listing Audit & Recommendation
  • Keyword Research & Expansion

Things to Know.

Here are some helpful tips as you take the next step on your journey toward Amazon success.
  • All Entourage Management Services clients receive free PPC Entourage, Entourage Spotlight, and Entourage Margins software
  • While EMS isn’t specifically designed for launching new products, we’re happy to be a part of your launch strategy! Please keep in mind that products with low reviews will typically have a lower initial conversion rate due to lack of social-proof.
  • Entourage Management Services also helps you to improve your overall conversion rate by auditing your listings. The best advertising in the world will fail if traffic is being sent to a poor listing - let EMS help to improve conversions and generate more revenue.

Apply For Entourage Management Services

We need the contact information you provide to contact you back. We completely respect your privacy.

Risk Free Guarantee

If you're unhappy with your services, your investment is safe with Entourage. Our goal is to provide true value to fellow Amazon sellers. If you’re unhappy with your services, we will be happy to refund your last month with us without delay.

Our expert management team can help qualified Amazon sellers to realize higher sales and more brand exposure.
See how we can exceed your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon sellers of any size are eligible, but please note that Amazon Management Services can only work with products while they are in stock. If you need us to work on some products while you wait for others to arrive, please let us know.

We’ve heard the stories of some of our competitors charging up to $300 for a single SKU not the case with Entourage Management Services! Our pricing model, just like the pricing for our software, is based on the number of SKUs we’ll be working with:

  • 2-5 SKUs: $497/month
  • 6-21: $997/mo
  • 22-51: $1497/mo
  • 52 and up: E-mail info@ppcentourage.com for special pricing on EMS for 52 or more SKUs.

You can choose which SKUs we manage, and update that list any time.

Yes! Not only will we send you monthly reports, but you also have the option to schedule monthly calls with our team to discuss your progress and to ask questions. All calls are via Skype, and our team will be happy to answer any and all questions regarding your services.

We don’t have any stern rules, but we have guidelines we strongly suggest you follow for the best results. We suggest listings have at least 10 reviews, predominantly positive, before starting that product with EMS. We will, on occasion, take on brand new products with no sales or reviews, but please keep in mind that it takes longer to gain traction with listings like these. If your listing has mostly negative reviews, consider evaluating your product and making upgrades, then running campaigns on your new and improved product. The hard truth is, the best advertising in the world won’t sell a product that people dislike, and we don’t want you to waste your hard earned dollars on ads when the real work needs to happen with the product or listing.

If you’re not sure if your product is ready, we’ll be happy to do a review of your listing before your on-boarding call with us. Your success is our success.