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Keyword Optimizer – Save Money by Removing Unprofitable PPC Keywords

Alright, so strategy # 3 is Keyword Optimizer and this is my favorite strategy by far. It, in my opinion, is the most precise way to optimize on a keyword level. Our Amazon seller software is going to get rid of all of the stuff that’s dragging down the performance of that keyword while keeping everything that’s doing really well for that keyword. We are not adjusting the bid price here and we’re keeping the bid price the same or we may even choose to increase the bid price a little bit. What we’re doing is, we’re getting and searching for the stuff that’s not working for that keyword.

Keyword VS Search Term

To really understand this, you have to know the difference between a keyword and a search term. You can see over here that the keyword “to nail clippers” is a “broad” match keyword and that’s going to produce a lot of other search terms that are going to be different from “to nail clippers.” We’re going to find the search terms that are performing well and then we’re also going to find the search terms that are performing poorly for the specific keyword and then do a negative exact on the ones that are performing poorly for this specific keyword.

We are having fantastic results with this one strategy and here’s the thing: you can do that on all of your keywords, right? So, even if your ACoS is , really good– as you can see, for this one here, the ACoS is poor but some of them have a decent ACoS’, right? 8.5, 9, 11.3. You could do Keyword Optimizer on good keywords that are doing well in your campaigns and also the ones that are just dragging down your campaigns.

Getting Started with the Amazon PPC Keyword Optimizer Tool

Let me show you, guys, how to do it. You’re going to click on the keyword here – and as you can see, if you click on a keyword, the “unprofitable search terms” are going to show below. Now, these are all of the search terms that are connected to the keyword – “to nail clippers” – that have had clicks but no sales, right? Here is the ad spend. Now, keep in mind that this is a “test” account so we do not have a lot of data on this account, but if I was spending hundreds or thousands of dollars a month on ad spend, there would be a lot more clicks over here and these buckets would be really filled out.

Let me explain to you what these buckets are all , about. We have a search term that is connected to this keyword – “to nail clippers” – that has one click and a $1.17 on ad spend. All of these little clicks without a sale with ad spend – they’re like little paper cuts that’s really draining your bank account, alright? You’re going to come to this module over here and see that some of these keywords are producing dozens, if not hundreds, of search terms that have clicks but no sales and some of those search terms have hundreds of clicks. My record is 591. That’s the highest I’ve seen and it was on one of my campaigns – 591 clicks with no sales whatsoever. It was a real eye opener to see that. I’m sure if you go in, you’re going to see a lot of these on your account as well.

Removing Unprofitable Search Terms

The strategy here is to get rid of the worst offenders, right? If it only has one click then go ahead and ask yourself, “Is this something that’s related to my product? Is it something that I really want to have visibility for?” Maybe it’s a competitor and it’s really not something that you want to waste any more money on, but go through the list and then you’re going to do a negative exact, which you can do straight from Entourage. You’re going to send this over to Seller Central as a negative exact and in this way, you won’t get any more visibility for that particular search term related to this keyword.

Now, on this side over here, we have unprofitable search terms based on ACoS. If you remember before, we set our ACoS profit zone to 40% and this particular word here has an ACoS of 59.6% so I wouldn’t turn this off or do a negative exact on this one, but it you can see some search terms that are getting sales, but there are unprofitable sales and they’re going to show up in this bucket. The bucket over to the right are going to be the search terms that are really draining your CTR% percentage.

Keeping a good CTR% percentage is important so all of the search terms that have more than a thousand impressions and less than a 0.4 CTR% percentage are going to show over here. You’ll also be able to see how many clicks it has. This way, you can do a negative exact on those and direct traffic to the search terms that are making the most amount of money.


Just to summarize, the Keyword Optimizer is a very good way to keep what’s doing really well for that keyword. Let use this one for an example: There’s a lot of things that are doing really well for “nail clippers for sale” because it got a 35.6 ACoS, but it may have some things that are draining down the performance of this particular keyword. I want to quickly and easily optimize and weed those out by doing a negative exact on the search terms that are performing well for this keyword so that I can keep it going strong. I could also consider raising the bid price on this particular keyword because it’s doing well and I’m making sure that I’m only showing the parts of it that are doing really, really well.


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