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In Less than Seven Months, We Increased Our Sales From 50K per Month to Over 250K per Month as Amazon Sellers

How would you like to work with the PPC Entourage team to grow your business?

You don’t have to go it alone…

When PPC Entourage was still in its infancy, we had a lot of brainstorming conversations about the different ways in which we could develop and bring to the Amazon sellers’ community a groundbreaking software system that would truly change how Amazon pay per click was done.

As part of those conversations, we also knew that we wanted to help each and every one of our clients to get the maximum value that they could from our entourage of tools and resources, regardless of whether they were a veteran seller with literally hundreds of SKU’s, or a newbie just starting with one SKU. It’s why we created resources like the Quick Start Guide and the Notebook, Blueprint and Video Series.

Over the last few months, it has come to our attention that several of our clients desired a deeper layer to this process.

They were requesting a means by which they could accelerate their learning curves to fast-track the vision they had for financial and personal freedom.

They wanted to know if we could create some type of program that would guide them individually, taking them beneath the surface of to show them proven strategies for their campaigns.

They wanted to know if there was any way the PPC Entourage team could give them ‘ground-zero insights’ that they could apply to their Amazon business.

They wanted an extra layer of reassurance about the many different decisions they were making in their PPC campaigns.

These voices asked if we would work hand-in-hand with them utilizing our intimate knowledge of our software, combined with the strategies that we use as Amazon sellers ourselves, to help increase the odds for their success as Amazon sellers.

Introducing the Entourage Inner Circle!

Before we tell you about all of the great benefits and the value you will receive as a member of the Entourage Inner Circle, we want to say right up front, that this program is not a good fit for all of our users.

PPC Entourage is the fastest, most user-friendly and easy to understand PPC software on the market today. It’s designed to provide every user with an entourage of optimization tools, including amazon keyword research tools, all at their fingertips.

We are humbled and gratified by the overwhelmingly positive response from the Amazon seller community, telling us how PPC Entourage has been a game-changer for their businesses.

The Entourage Inner Circle at its heart is about guidance. It’s designed to facilitate the desires of two types of clients.

The first group are those clients who have experience as Amazon sellers and who are versed in using our software, but are seeking new insights, innovative strategies that have been tested and proven worthy…those looking to hone their optimization skills to the ninja level.

The second group of clients wants to make sure that the foundation of their business is strong. It’s about building their business from the ground up the right way…working with a mentor that can help them to avoid common pitfalls (saving time and money), while giving them the ‘PPC chops’ that may take them to the top of their niche some day.

Yes, the Entourage Inner Circle isn’t for everyone. But if you are a client who fits into either of the groups above, this program may be the perfect catalyst for you realizing your goals as an Amazon seller.

As an Entourage Inner Circle Client You Will Enjoy These Exclusive Benefits

  • Two 30 minute bi-weekly calls
  • Complete Listing Optimization to Improve Conversions
  • Up to Five complimentary Bulk Keywords lists directly related to your product
  • Handouts and homework (solidify your knowledge, optimization skills and confidence)
  • Networking within the Entourage Inner Circle community
  • Listing Optimization session (we work with you so that you learn the EXACT steps to fully optimize your listing)
  • Detailed analysis and mastermind session on your top SKU
  • Detailed analysis of product copy (to improve conversions)
  • Expansion Strategies session (discover how you can earn More Profits Per Click)
  • Review Customization session (setting the stage for the success of your Amazon business)
  • Access to optional special maintenance on-going coaching program
  • Campaign Optimization session (we’ll show you the nuts & bolts for creating a fully optimized PPC campaign.)


Here’s how we will work with you to crush it on Amazon

Initial Onboarding Strategy Call with your assigned PPC account representative, to review your past experience as an Amazon seller and identify/ understand your immediate and long-range objectives for your PPC campaigns

Audit Your Current PPC campaigns focused upon creating a blueprint for updating or re-designing your PPC campaigns to eliminate needless Ad spend, reduce your ACoS and increase your organic visibility

As a current client, since you are already a part of the PPC Entourage family, we want to make this opportunity to join the Entourage Inner Circle a no-brainer by keeping your investment in the program as low as possible.

We’ve crunched the numbers and have come up with an introductory price that we feel you are going to like and that is an exceptional value when you think about what this small investment could mean to your bottom-line.
The introductory price to join the Entourage
Inner Circle is only…

Inner Circle is closed for applications at this time. For personal consulting and coaching, please click here.


Two month minimum membership requirement (because of the resources that will be allocated to the unique needs of your business)

The Amazon landscape is becoming more competitive each day. You need to take advantage of every opportunity that will provide you with an edge on your competition.

Apply today, so that our PPC Entourage team can help you to make this the year that you ascend your business to the next level, so that you can have the type of financial and personal freedom that you just didn’t think possible.

We can only work with a limited number of Entourage Inner Circle clients to ensure that they receive the best possible results dictated by the unique needs of their Amazon business.

Apply today…our current schedule is fully booked and spots are filling up fast for our next Inner Circle group (next round begins in June)!

Spots for our next course are filling fast!


Inner Circle is closed for applications at this time. For personal consulting and coaching, please click here.