Entourage Headline Search Ad Management Services

Expert Amazon HSA Management:
Increase Sales and Brand Awareness

We can help you to:

Dominate Search Results

Improve the Visibility of Your Brand

Build Trust

Save Time

Make More Money

Headline Search Ad Management Designed to Grow Sales and Raise Awareness of Your Brand While Saving You Time and Money

Entourage Headline Search Ad Management Services will create seamless, relevant and compelling ads designed to stand out from the rest of the search results that will have a high-impact on your advertising success.
Our expert HSA team incorporates multiple proven strategies to design your ads, so that they increase consumer awareness of your products, build trust and leverage the successes of older products to help propel new additions to your line.

We do the heavy lifting for you, (research, testing and implementation), that saves you precious time and frees you up to focus on growing your Amazon business.

Why risk a misstep in creating your HSA that could potentially cost you thousands of dollars because you don’t have the time to learn every technique and nuance about this form of advertising?

Working with us means…

Less Stress for You and More Opportunity to Drawn Attention to Your Products

Included with Headline Search Ad Management Services:

Audit Your Current Headline Search Ads

We will review and optimize your existing HSA campaigns to ensure that we keep only the best of what is already in place, eliminating pre-existing wasteful ad spend and capitalizing on your most profitable keywords.

Create & Test Ad Variations

We’ll research, create, and test different ad variations for each SKU group to find the best combinations of images, headlines, and products, then amplify the winners to maximize your exposure.

Crossover Research

We’ll dig deep into your Sponsored Products campaign data to find keyword and search term data that can be successfully transposed into Headline Search Ads. We’ll analyze and interpret your PPC wins and losses to develop a strategy for dominance.

Product Ads & Brand Ads

We’ll not only create winning HSA’s for product groups, but can also put together overall brand building advertisements as well. We get to know your products and brand culture then use our expertise to communicate that to prospective buyers.

Result-Driven Services

Each month, you will receive a detailed progress report that identifies key performance metrics and gives you an easily understandable rundown of how your account is doing.

If you have any questions, your account manager is available to you via email or Skype.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Products Should I Have To Participate?
We recommend no less than three products with at least 10 reviews. Do not select products for HSA Management if they are already in Vendor Central Headline Ads. Our Headline Ads in Seller Central may conflict with them.

Do I Need An Entourage Account to Work with Entourage HSA Management Services?
Yes, an active PPC Entourage account is required.
How Much Does Entourage HSA Management Services Cost?
  • Initial set up cost $99/sku group
  • Monthly Management fee $147/mo
  • Free Branding Ad with 3 or more SKU groups (if you don’t have 3 or more SKU groups, the cost of a Branding ad is the same as a sku group)
  • Existing EMS clients get 25% discount off services.

You can choose which SKUs we manage, and update that list any time. Do not select products for HSA Management if they are already in Vendor Central Headline Ads. Our Headline Ads in Seller Central may conflict with them.

Do I Get Ongoing Reporting?
Yes! Through Entourage Spotlight (currently in Beta) we will provide you with detailed reporting on your HSA campaigns.
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