1. I just signed up – where are my SKUS?
SKUs may take up to 24 hours to populate from Amazon into PPC E. If, after that period, your SKUs have not arrived, please let us know and we’ll be happy to look into this for you.

2. I’m Missing Campaigns
Campaigns take 3-5 days (after the first ppc related sale) to update in Entourage. If, after that time has passed, your campaigns still aren’t showing up, please let us know and we’ll be happy to investigate for you right away.

3. I’m New – I Don’t Even Know Where to Begin.
No problem! When you first log in, please click the “New? Start Here” button.


4. I have a Vendor Central Account – Can I Use Entourage?
Sorry, at this time we only support Seller Central

5. I have an Amazon India/Japan account – Can I Use Entourage?
We proudly serve our fellow Amazon sellers in India – sign up today! We’re currently working on Japan – check back soon!

6. The name of my campaign in Seller Central doesn’t match PPC E
You can now edit campaign names by clicking Power PPC and using our Campaign Manager!

7. How do I determine what my ACoS should be?
There’s not one specific way to determine this, it’s more dependent upon the situation and based on your tolerance level or level of aggressiveness.

If you are conservative, your ACOS profit zone is BELOW your profit margin for that SKU- meant for those who want to lower risk but comes with less visibility/scale.

BREAK EVEN ACOS profit zone is your profit margin BEP point and meant for those who are fairly aggressive and will get moderate scale.

An ACOS profit zone above your profit zone is more aggressive and meant for those who want to expand their reach as much as possible and are willing to lose some money to test keywords and try to get better organic ranking.

To discuss how other sellers are setting theirs, and how varying levels of aggressiveness are working for others, please create a forum post in the “Community” section of Entourage.

8. My data doesn’t match between Seller Central and PPC-E
We’ve done extensive testing and have found that when data doesn’t match, it’s usually because of one of the following:

1) The dates do not align- try testing one day.
2) Data has not been imported quite yet- try testing a date that is at least 2 weeks old
3) Historically we can only go back 60 days- make sure you are looking at a single time period within that range. If our data gets a partial month due to only going back 60 days then it appears to be off.
4) You have not selected ALL Sku’s for a campaign you’re analyzing- data for only the SKU’s elected will appear on the home screen.

If these points have been met and your data still doesn’t match up, open a support ticket and send us a screenshot of Amazon results vs Entourage, along with a Search Term report, and we will refetch your SKU’s.

9. Why Am I Getting a Step 1 Error or Token Error?
This is usually because the information required for integration with your Amazon account wasn’t entered upon setup, or the info in Step 1 was incorrect. Please log out of all Amazon accounts, clear your browser cookies and cache, and then log back into PPC-E. In settings, please re-enter your Step 1 information (following the instructions found here: http://ppcsignup.pagedemo.co) and remember that you’re entering your Seller ID, not your Merchant ID. You’ll be asked to enter some information that will help us integrate your accounts. Once that’s done, the system will fetch your SKUs (which typically takes 10-24 hours) and then you’ll be all set. Note: You must have at least one active ppc sales campaign running in Seller Central to integrate your account.

If this error occurs during addition of an international account, this may be because you’re using the same email address for your international account that you use for your US account. Amazon has made some changes that require a different email address to be used. Please log into Seller Central for your international market, add an email address, and then when adding the account in Entourage, use this new email address to sign into your international market account.

10. I’m unable to Log In
In most cases, login errors occur due to the wrong email address being used or due to a browser issue.

1. If the email address you used to sign up isn’t working, please try an email address you may have associated with your credit card. Your browser may have autofilled this field when entering payment information.

2. Use the “Forgot Password” link on the sign in page and reset your password this way. If you get an “Invalid User” error, the email address is wrong.

3. Please clear your browser cookies and cache or try an alternate browser.

4. You may simply log in using your Amazon credentials.

*Note: If you signed up for Entourage using your Amazon credentials, this is by default the only way to log into the system.

If all of these steps don’t work, please open a ticket and let us know – thanks!

11. What is “Target_Auto?”
This appears in Automatic Campaigns as results for Keywords. Amazon doesn’t tell you keywords, they only tell you the search terms, for Automatic campaigns.

12. What does it mean when my SKU is highlighted in Red in Campaign Optimization?
If a SKU is highlighted in red, its ACoS is above your set ACoS Profit Zone. Consider pausing that SKU.

13. What is New Bid?
New Bid is a tool that suggests a new bid price based on the performance of your keyword (ACoS) compared to the ACoS profit zone you selected for this campaign. A minimum of 10 clicks is required before we suggest a new bid. Entourage will show you suggestions for increasing or decreasing your bid on keywords based upon their performance. To view the New Bid area, view your keywords by Ad Group.

14. What is the Amazon FBA Fees section in the Calculator?
Any and all Amazon charges should be put into this section when using the profit margins calculator to give you the most up to date view of your margins.

15. Do you Provide Private Coaching?
Yes! We also provide a service called Entourage Consultation Services. Consultation Services is for moderate to advanced sellers – we offer private consultation sessions with no long term commitments. As opposed to the predetermined structure of Inner Circle, Entourage Consultation Services calls are each geared toward the very specific needs of the individual client and their Amazon business. For more information, visit https://ppcentourage.com/consultation-services/

16. Do you provide training for my VA?
Coming soon!

17. Can You Manage My PPC Campaigns For Me?
Yes! PPC Entourage is proud to provide Amazon PPC Management services. For those of you who wish to have your PPC campaigns managed by our team so that your time is freed up to focus on other aspects of growing your business, this service is for you. Entourage Management Services will review, organize, expand upon, and optimize your campaigns on a weekly basis and discuss with you the various opportunities you may have to save money or grow your brand.