Entourage Spotlight:
Create Powerful, Attention-Getting
Headline Search Ads
(Sponsored Brands)

Attract and Convert Prospects into Buyers:
Compare different HSA’s simultaneously
Know which HSA’s perform the best
(make more money)
Quickly create multiple versions of an ad at
the same time (save hours of effort/time)
Tired of pouring hour-after-hour into
creating HSA’s that you hope will perform?
Sick of guessing what are the right elements for creating a HSA that will consistently attract potential customers?

Let’s face it; creating Headline Search Ads that consistently attract customers to your products can be a pretty complicated process. There are many variables that must be considered and addressed precisely, if your goal is to create an ad that will magnetically attract customers and more importantly, convert them to buyers.

Sure, there may be a tiny group of extremely fortunate Amazon sellers who can whip together an ad easily and quickly, but for the majority of sellers, this process is grueling, time-consuming and stressful. It doesn’t matter if you have been a seller for years, or just recently opened the doors to your online store.


You No longer have to Guess What’s Working…

Entourage Spotlight is a revolutionary software tool used to simultaneously design several Headline Search Ads and organize them, so that you have all the information you need to build effective HSA’s that generate higher revenues, while spending far less time assembling all of the critical elements to do so.

Create Multiple, Powerful Headline Search Ads
in Minutes

Spotlight allows you to have multiple images of a HSA to evaluate each element in order to analyze the various components of each ad (image, headline, product group, etc.) and compare different ads to ascertain which ones are performing the best, so that your prospects see only the most dialed-in ads possible, that will consistently convert the window shoppers, tire kickers and cold prospects into buyers.

Entourage Spotlight will be the tip of your marketing spear if you want to…

Quickly get all of your products in front of as many potential buyers as possible
Get your brand to the top of the Amazon listings
Have an ad that generates mega-clicks and sets new benchmarks for sales
Design multiple versions of an ad at once, allowing you to choose the most visually appealing one
Get in-depth reporting that will guide you step-by-step in creating HSA’s that outperform those of the competitors in your niche.
Entourage Spotlight’s Game-Changing
Features Include:
Headline Creator function
Create an ad at the push of a button. This feature gives users the ability to quickly assemble all of the key elements need for a high-performance HSA in minutes.
“Clusters” feature
Allows you to simultaneously analyze groups of ads to determine which ones are performing the best. Compare the metrics of several different ads inside of your “cluster” to see which ones are the most effective. (These ads will be highlighted by the system.
Automatically populate top performing search terms as keywords for HSA’s
Users can pull search terms from Sponsored Products data in PPC Entourage and use those search terms as keywords in Spotlight when creating Headline Search Ads.
Variations function
The system can generate up to 27 variations of an ad, so you can determine which elements work best (each variation affords you the opportunity to solidify another facet of your ad giving you the building blocks to create the best performing ad possible)
Analytics and Optimization of Headline Ads
All of the data analysis tools found in PPC Entourage, designed specifically for HSA creation. Plus, keyword performance monitoring and adjustments coming soon.
“Ad Rotation” feature
Ads shown for a set period of time (coming soon)
Create Headline Search Ads with
Surgical Precision…
Test each image.
Test each word.
Test each grouping.
Test the order of presentation.
Set a target ACoS.
Save time.
Save money.
Attract more customers.

You will be able to construct a winning ad with surgical precision,
because you will have at your fingertips, all of the tools necessary to:

Quickly build multiple groups of compelling ads for all of your products (significant competitive edge)

Know exactly what’s working and why (rinse and repeat)

Dramatically improve the results you are getting from your current ads (more money in your pocket)

Evaluate all essential metrics (advanced reporting)

Spotlight…the Evolution (and Future) of How Headline Search Ads will be Created

If you are an Amazon seller who is truly serious about the success of your business (growth and longevity), you know how important it is to stay ahead of the curve, as opposed to playing catch up to what others are already doing.

Entourage Spotlight is your opportunity to Carpe Diem and begin using this revolutionary tool to make sure you’re at the head of the pack and not bringing up the rear.

Competition for the online shopper’s attention and consumer dollars is growing not each day, but around the global clock.

The in the trenches niche battles are intensifying as sellers realize that while Amazon.com is growing in leaps and bounds, so are
the numbers of people looking for their piece of the pie.

Getting eyes on your products consistently has never been more important than now and for the foreseeable future. Adding a
game-changing tool like Spotlight to your marketing arsenal can be the difference between a trickle and a flood of new and
returning customers.

Use it to increase the odds in your favor.

Use it to finally move from “seeing what sticks” to knowing exactly how to build, test and analyze all of your HSA’s so that
you get the maximum number of eyes on your products and the maximum number of clicks of the Buy button.

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