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Amazon Ads Coaching

Who is an Ideal Fit for
Amazon Ads Coaching +?

Sellers that are looking for clear guidance and actionable strategies in how to improve their advertising and profitability.

Sellers who are unsure of:

  • How to structure their campaigns
  • Find keywords/ASINs
  • How to properly target keywords
  • How or when to use all ad types
  • How to write headlines for their listings
  • If they're wasting money on Ad Spend
  • If their margins are good enough
  • How to keep up with all of the amazon ad updates

…And sellers who want to get started quickly and easily to get answers to the unique challenges of their businesses.

What Can You Expect?

You will learn how to:

  • "PPC Entourage was a godsend for my struggling AMZ business. I launched right before Amazon Prime Days and I had gone through ups and downs working with consultants and outside contractors and dug myself a huge hole with declining sales across the board and ACOS above 100%. After signing up with PPC Entourage and working with some of their consultants on a limited basis, better optimizing my listing per their recommendations, and watching their training videos my sales are up almost 200% in the last 30 days with 80% organic and 20% PPC or less getting my product back to the path of profitability. They have slowly and steadily increased over the last 3 months with their help. THANK YOU PPC Entourage team!"
    - Kip

Who Are The Coaches?

They are a responsive team of Amazon advertising specialists who have guided, supported, and learned from hundreds of sellers who have used the Entourage software, or have been clients of Management Services.

They are a responsive team of Amazon advertising specialists who have guided, supported, and learned from hundreds of sellers who have used the Entourage software, or have been clients of Management Services.

Entourage has been recognized by industry leaders

Sign up today and receive these 5 bonuses:

  • Bonus #1: Entourage Playbook Series with lifetime access
  • Bonus #2: 50 Best Amazon Ad headlines guide
  • Bonus #3: 5 Custom Headlines from our in-house expert copywriter made for your brand
  • Bonus #4: Sponsored Brand Ad Mastery Blueprint
  • Bonus #5: More Margins + Customer Journey Recorded Webinars

1 Pack

  • 45 minute session with one of our PPC Experts for 197 usd.
  • Dive into your Amazon account and discuss any challenges & Pain points.
  • Discuss different strategies and how to implement them.
  • Get assistance with using advanced seller tools including Helium10 and Zonguru.
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6 Pack - Most Popular

  • 6 Sessions for the price of 5 (You'll pay $328 per month for 3 months).
  • Everything included in the one pack.
  • Have our experts check-in with you, for two full coaching sessions twice a month over the period of 3 months.
  • In depth training that will bring you up to scratch on all the latest techniques for managing your PPC.
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12 Pack - Best Value

  • 12 Sessions for the price of 9 (You'll pay $295.50 per month for 6 months).
  • Everything included in the one pack.
  • Access to PPC Entourage Margins for 6 Months.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do we talk?

For sellers who opt-in for our multi-session packages, we typically meet every two weeks, though the time between calls can be adjusted depending upon your unique needs.

What happens if I miss a scheduled coaching call?

Life happens, and if for some reason you miss a scheduled call, we’ll simply send you a link to reschedule so that you can get back on track. Our Coaching team is available during working hours across multiple time zones, and we will do our best to accommodate times that are convenient for you. Clients are sent appointment reminders prior to each coaching session & we ask that sellers try their best to keep their scheduled meeting times.

Can I upgrade to a different plan?

Absolutely. Just let your coach know, and they will be happy to upgrade your coaching plan.

Can we discuss multiple brands I own during our coaching sessions?

Yes, we can discuss multiple brands, and your coach will work with you to outline and prioritize topics that will be addressed during each session. If you have multiple brands, we’ll ask that you connect each of them to Entourage 2.0 so that we can better assess the state of your advertising and help you to build better ads in real-time.

How soon until I see results?

Results will vary in timeline and degree, based on your current progress on Amazon and the state of your advertising. We aim to provide sellers with clear action points for improving their Amazon advertising during each coaching session.

Can I use my Genius Coins to pay for a coaching session?

Yes, Genius Coins may be used to pay for coaching sessions by signing up via the Marketplace inside of Entourage 2.0. If you’ve already signed up but have Genius Coins you’d like to spend, just let your coach know, and they will make arrangements for you to have future sessions billed using your Genius Coins.

What is the difference between coaching and management services?

Entourage’s coaching services are significantly different from Entourage Management Services. With coaching, your coach will meet with you privately to help guide you as you build more effective advertising and scale your brand. You, as the seller, remain in control of your ads, continuing to work on them between sessions with your coach. Your coach does not manage your advertising for you. Entourage Management Services is for brands ready to hand over day to day management of Amazon advertising. For more information, click here.

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Unstoppable Amazon Ad Guarantee:

If you have followed all of the steps outlined after your coaching sessions and haven't achieved the significant results, we’ll work with you 1:1 until you do!

Support Included

Should you have any questions that arise in between coaching sessions, your coach can be contacted via email. For plan-related or general questions, our customer support team is available during US working hours and respond within 2 business days.

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