Log and Track Campaign Changes Automatically


Stay Organized with Change Logs

Located at the bottom of the Campaign Dashboard page is the Campaign Log section over here. Now, the reason why this came about is because, back in 2016, I was doing a ton of work at Starbucks and optimizing my campaigns and creating campaigns and I never really took note as to what I exactly did every single day. I knew the strategy and I knew what I was doing in general, but I never really wrote down the different negative exacts that I put in or the optimizations that I put in and I wanted a way to be a lot more organized with some of the things that we were doing so that’s how Campaign Logs was born.

Using Campaign Logs

Campaign Logs allow you to, basically, log information over here and then if you click on “Add Log,” it’s going to add a log below and then you can see that information and the date right over here. This way, if you’re looking at your chart and you see something occurred -let’s say, you’re spending less on ad spend or you’re improving on your orders, you could know exactly what you did to that campaign to get that improvement or the decline.

You can simply log a change that you made over here and it’ll take track of the date. What you could also do is, click on “Add and Track.” By clicking on “Add and Track,” let’s say, we added negative exact and you would list all of the negative exact words right over here and then click on “Add and Track.” By doing that, you can see that this is bolded out and it’s underlined. You can actually click on this here and track the results so in 30 days, there’s going to be a before and after – an AB split test so that you can know exactly what those results have done to your campaign.


Once again, Campaign Logs allow you to stay organized and also track the results of your campaign so you can see if your efforts are profitable or not.

Once you create a campaign add-and-track over here, you’re going to notice that on your Campaign Optimization start page, the campaign that you just selected and performed an “Add and Track” for is going to be highlighted in yellow. That’s basically indicating that the test is underway and once the 30 days have passed, this is going to be highlighted in green, which is going to tell you that the test is over and you can then go ahead and check your results. This is also going to be highlighted in yellow on the main dashboard down over here where it says your top campaigns.