Why Your Amazon Ads Agency Should Be Using SMART Goals

Why Your Amazon Ads Agency Should Be Using SMART Goals
January 19, 2022
Smart Goals

Amazon PPC agencies all have their own ways of doing things.


One thing they should all be doing is using SMART Goals to properly map out your brand’s objectives and the steps they intend to take to achieve them.


What Are SMART Goals?


SMART stands for: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time Bound. 


This system is used by some of the most profitable brands in the world to create clear, fully-formed, and attainable goals that drive business in a measurable way.


Before a goal is ready to be implemented and worked towards, each aspect of the SMART acronym must be addressed. This ensures that everyone working towards the goal will have a thorough understanding of what they are trying to achieve, how they should measure success, and what benchmarks to use along the way.


Why Should My PPC Manager Be Using SMART Goals?

Whether you are working with an agency or handling your Amazon PPC in-house, SMART Goals should be in place for anyone running your Amazon advertising.


One of the most common complaints Amazon sellers have is a lack of clarity when it comes to the success of their Amazon advertising. PPC is complex, and it isn’t always easy to understand if you (or someone working on your behalf) are making the appropriate progress.


SMART Goals solve that dilemma, making it crystal clear what has (and has not) been accomplished.


SMART Goals are perfect for: 

  • ensuring you’re getting value for your investment, 
  • keeping everyone involved aligned and on the same page,
  • keeping track of measurable progress
  • reducing wasted time on lower priority tasks


And more.


If your PPC manager isn’t using SMART Goals, you may be missing crucial information, wasting time, wasting money, or have a lack of clarity on the true progress of your Amazon advertising.

How Entourage Management Services Uses SMART Goals…

Whether you’re working with us or with someone else, we want you to be armed with all of the knowledge you may need. To that end, we’re including what we ask at Entourage Management Services, any time we set a new goal. This will give you insight into what you should be reviewing with your PPC manager or on your own.


Questions to Ask: Specific


What is the actual, final goal you’re trying to achieve? This should be able to be stated without the caveats of sub-goals.


Who needs to be involved in accomplishing the goal?


Why is this particular goal important to your brand?


Questions to Ask: Measurable


How will I know when this goal is accomplished?


What metrics or numbers are available to support my accomplishments?


Questions to Ask: Achievable


Is this goal realistic? Without a “perfect world” scenario or combination of unlikely circumstances, can this goal really happen?


What individual steps or tasks need to be accomplished in order for me to achieve this goal?


Do I have what I need in order to achieve this goal? If not, what do I need?


Questions to Ask: Relevant


Does this goal align with my vision for my brand?


If this goal is being set by someone else, always ask: Does their goal align with what’s important to me for my business?


Why is the result important to the business/brand?


Questions to Ask: Time Bound


What are the deadlines for this goal?


Is it achievable in the time frame agreed upon? If not, what can be adjusted within this goal, or provided, to ensure the goal is attainable within an appropriate time frame?


Get Clarity on Your Amazon Ads While Achieving Your Goals

If you want measurable success on Amazon, you need to have clarity. Consider working with the experts at Entourage Management Services. Your dedicated account manager and our entire team of specialists are here to get you real results. No mumbo-jumbo. No vague half-answers. We’ll work with you to outline clear SMART Goals, and then provide you with world-class communication that keeps you updated on our progress. 


Your brand deserves better (and smarter). Click here to learn more and to schedule an exploratory call with us.


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