Why Should I Target a Search Term As A Keyword for Amazon PPC?

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Finding your best converting search terms and targeting them as keywords (called “ACoS Scraping”) is a cornerstone tactic. While it is an important strategy, it is often a confusing one.




What’s the point of ACoS Scraping?


Having a keyword that has, at some point, connected to a search term, does not reap the same benefits as targeting that search term as a keyword directly.


A keyword connecting with a search term in the past doesn’t mean you’ll always connect to it moving forward. The way to ensure you’re proactively going after a winning search term is to bid on it as a keyword. The same can be said for ASINs – they’ll need to be “scraped” into a Product Targeting campaign.


Also, the keyword that had initially connected to the search term may only be vaguely related/similar depending on match type, so it is important to find the specific search terms that work best, based on data, and target them.


Should I Add the Search Term As A Negative After Targeting It As A Keyword?

After years of managing countless accounts and tens of millions of dollars in ad spend, the Amazon experts at Entourage Management Services have come to the conclusion that, no, you don’t need to add the original search term as a negative when setting it up as a keyword elsewhere.


While some sellers are convinced that you must add a search term as a negative keyword if you’re going to target it directly, we just haven’t ever found any evidence that it helps anything. 


Amazon fixed the problem of self-competition and “keyword cannibalism” years ago, and there aren’t any current rules or best practices to suggest adding this kind of negative is necessary or even beneficial.

Looking To Have Your Strategy Developed and Managed By An Expert?

If any of this still seems a little confusing, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Being a successful Amazon brand leader and business owner doesn’t mean you need to be an expert on all things PPC. 


Entourage Management Services are Amazon experts so you don’t have to be. Entourage provides results driven management and handles all aspects of the day to day operations of Amazon advertising. To learn more and to apply for management services, click here.

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