Which Amazon Agency Has The Best Reviews?

Which Amazon Agency Has The Best Reviews?
September 23, 2020
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If you’re an Amazon seller considering working with an advertising management agency, the first things you’ll typically explore are:


Once you’ve decided that management services are a good investment for your brand, the next question might be: 


Who has the best reviews?


Social proof is everything, and companies expecting you to trust them with a crucial part of your business must have easy to find reviews and testimonials.


In this article, we’ll be comparing three of the most popular Amazon advertising agencies: PPC Entourage’s Entourage Management Services, Ad Badger, and Teikametrics.


A Note On Transparency

While it may seem surprising for Entourage to highlight the positives of some of our competitors in this article, our goal is to provide sellers with complete, accurate information at every stage of their journey so that they may make educated decisions. If you feel we’re the right fit for you, instead of one of our great competitors, reach out to us.

Comparing Reviews for Entourage Management Services, Ad Badger, and Teikametrics.

To keep things transparent and easy to compare, we’re going to break down our discussion into three categories:


  1. Third Party Review Sites (we’ll focus on the two most popular: Trustpilot for customer reviews and Jordiob editorial reviews)
  2. Social Site Reviews 
  3. Real, Easy to Find Testimonials


Which Company is Most Trustworthy Based on Third Party Review Sites?

Teikametrics and Entourage Management Services both open strongly in this category.


Teikametrics has a whopping 4.8 stars on Jordiob, however this covers both their software and management (they do not get separate scores). Important to note is one editorial review, not an aggregate of actual client reviews. Unfortunately, Entourage doesn’ have a profile on Jordiob that covers their management services at all.


On the go-to review platform Trustpilot, the script is flipped. Trustpilot provides actual client reviews. Entourage received the “Excellent” badge from Trustpilot after receiving 25 five star reviews.


Ad Badger does not have any reviews on Trustpilot or Jordiob. They do have a profile on Capterra, but it appears to be related to software only.



Entourage Management Services & Teikametrics both have pro’s in this area, with Entourage having loads of verified customer reviews and Teikametrics having a glowing editorial review. 


Which Company is Most Trustworthy Based on Social Media Sites?

Social site reviews are where Ad Badger shines. Teikametrics and Entourage both have people who have actively recommended them using Facebook’s recommendation feature.


While the reviews are typically very positive, Entourage lacks an overall volume of reviews on Facebook. The number of reviews just isn’t there, yet to make a decision based on Facebook reviews, which means sellers need to look elsewhere to make a decision.


Teikametrics has the most reviews on Facebook, but some of their clients were so unhappy that they actually used the recommendations feature to actively mark them as “not recommended,” which hurts brand reputation.


Ad Badger, on the other hand, has a healthy number of reviews, several recommendations, and very few negative remarks. 



Ad Badger kills it on Facebook reviews, plain and simple.


Which Company is Most Trustworthy Based on Real, Easy To Find Testimonials?

Objectively, this is where Entourage takes the lead. 


Entourage Management Services are happy. Really happy. Entourage has done a great job of getting real, genuine testimonials from management services clients and making them extremely easy to find



While Teikametrics and Ad Badger do have some text based testimonials on their respective sales pages, Entourage has tons of videos of actual clients discussing their own experience. 



Entourage Management Services for the win, based on an abundance of legitimate video testimonials that are super easy to find.


So… Which Company Has The Best Reviews?

At the end of the day, all three companies have their strengths. What matters is which of these Amazon ads management agencies inspires you to trust them with a vital part of your Amazon business. 


Other factors may come into play as well, such as if the company releases educational materials you find valuable, or if you’ve had positive experiences with their sales or support teams. 


Our final recommendation to you would be this: Take your time, do your homework, and only enter into a business relationship if you’re truly confident that your needs will be understood, your priorities respected, and your goals achieved.


If you think Entourage Management Services might be the right Amazon advertising partner for you, schedule a call with us. We help Amazon brands become household names, and we’d love to speak with you about your brand’s potential.

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