What To Look For in an Amazon Sponsored Products Management Company

Mike Zagare
Founder PPC Entourage
March 7, 2019
4 min read

Want to outsource your Amazon PPC, but don’t know where to start? In this blog post, we’ll walk you through exactly what to look for when researching the various Amazon PPC management services in the market. Let’s jump right in!

Portfolio and case studies

You’re looking for: a company that can back their claims up with a strong portfolio and plenty of case studies.

Any sales rep can tell you that their company will help you grow your Amazon revenue by 10x – but make sure you see case studies, testimonials, or other forms of documentation before you buy into those claims.

As a sniff test, ask your sales rep about the average lifespan of the clients that their company serves. If most clients sign on for an average of 3 months, then move on, that’s an indication that the company’s services or communication with the client aren’t all that effective. But if the company has got plenty of long-term customers who keep engaging their services, then that’s a good sign.

Scope: What’s included?

You’re looking for: a company that provides end-to-end service, and takes care of all your Amazon PPC related tasks for you.

This one’s fairly straightforward: since you’re outsourcing your Amazon PPC management, you’ll want to work with a company who can handle every aspect of the project.

Be sure to ask if their management service includes PPC audits for your existing campaigns, listing optimization, campaign optimization, keyword research and expansion, and search term expansion.

Pricing and fees

You’re looking for: a company with fair and transparent pricing – not a company with hidden fees.

Obviously, what counts as “fair” pricing is subjective, but generally speaking, we’d say that anything above $300 per month per SKU is exorbitant. Think of it this way: if you’re paying that much for your vendor to manage a single product, this leaves you with less room to invest in ads and eats into your overall margins.

On a similar note: you don’t want to get locked into a 1-year contract that’s disadvantageous to you, so opt for a company that bills you monthly, NOT one that forces you to sign a long-term agreement.

Strategies and action plans

You’re looking for: a company that will customize an action plan specifically for your company.

If you’re consulting with an Amazon PPC management company for the first time, and they will only work within one rigid strategy, run for the hills.
Obviously, you can see why this isn’t ideal. You don’t want a generic, one-size-fits-all strategy; you’ll be much better off with a strategy that’s tailored specifically with your industry, customers, products, pricing, and competition in mind. It can be based on core tactics or fundamental insights, but needs to be implemented according to your brand’s unique needs.


You’re looking for: a company that will keep you in the loop with constant updates.

Yes, you might be outsourcing your Amazon PPC management, but you’ll still want to keep an eye on things, and make sure everything’s on the right track.

To ensure that you have all the information and data you need, work with a company that commits to providing you with regular updates. Your Amazon PPC manager should provide you with monthly progress reports that break down key performance metrics. On top of that, they should be available to schedule monthly calls with clients to discuss progress and answer any questions.

If a company claims that they can “guarantee” overnight results…

A word of warning: if a company claims that they can guarantee results for you in a short period of time, take this as a red flag.

Here’s the thing: even if a company employs the best tactics and strategies and monitors your Amazon campaign 24/7, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll see amazing results – especially right off the bat.

The truth is that there are many external factors that may affect the performance of your Amazon PPC ads. This includes your product listing, such as whether it has sufficient reviews, whether it has good or bad reviews, how aggressive your competitors are, and more.

In other words, there’s really no way to guarantee results in a short period of time, and any company that claims to be able to do so may be misguided (or worse). Be sure to avoid these companies at all costs.

Have a question or comment on what to look for? Contact one of our PPC experts with any of your questions.


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