What Is The Difference Between Amazon DSP & Amazon Sponsored Display

What Is The Difference Between Amazon DSP & Amazon Sponsored Display
July 6, 2021
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With all of the advertising options available, it is easy for sellers to get confused as to which ads are related or may even overlap.

As Amazon DSP ads and Amazon Sponsored Display ads can both be shown off and on Amazon (and because DSP might confuse some sellers who think it stands for display), many Amazon sellers wonder…


What Is The Difference Between Amazon DSP & Amazon Sponsored Display

Sponsored Display is one of the standard types of Amazon ads available to Amazon sellers. It does offer targeting capabilities that are slightly more advanced than some other forms of ads, such as Sponsored Products


While Sponsored Display ads may appear off-Amazon, and their targeting options are slightly different, their core functionality works much the same as Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands.


Amazon DSP, on the other hand, is its own platform and exchange, and uses programmatic advertising. Programmatic advertising is a mix of automation and machine learning. Many of the background processes/options that happen automatically in standard Amazon ads are able to be customized when using Amazon DSP, allowing for more nuanced targeting. Further, the possible locations for where Amazon DSP ads may be shown off-Amazon is more extensive. 


Another major difference between Sponsored Display ads and Amazon DSP is that brands that do not sell on Amazon may leverage DSP. 


Does DSP Stand for Display?

No. DSP stands for demand-side platform. A display ad is actually a type of ad, while DSP is actually more about the platform and exchange. When advertising via DSP, sellers may opt to use display ads, audio ads, and video ads. If all of this still sounds a little confusing, don’t worry…


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