What Is The Entourage Playbook Series for Amazon Advertising?

What Is The Entourage Playbook Series for Amazon Advertising?
September 3, 2020
Entourage Playbook

Entourage Playbook

Amazon sellers looking for a simple, free guide on Amazon advertising can now access Entourage’s Playbook Series for advertising on Amazon.


The Entourage Playbook Series is a downloadable PDF containing 28 done-for-you Amazon advertising campaigns.


The Playbook Series includes step by step video instructions for every campaign, guided by Entourage founder Mike Zagare


It is designed to simplify the entire process of creating successful Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display campaigns.

Download The Playbook

What Is The Playbook?

The Playbook Series is a simple instructional guide on how to set up 28 unique Amazon campaigns.  


This PDF download includes all ad types – Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display!


What Will I Learn In The Entourage Ads Playbook Series?

  • You will learn the time tested marketing concept of the “Customer Buying Cycle” 
  • You will learn which Amazon campaigns can be used with the CBC to market like a major global brand (even if you’re on a budget)
  • You will learn why each campaign matters
  • You will learn how to set up each campaign
  • You will learn when to set up each campaign

What Types of Ads Are Covered in the Playbook Series?

Entourage’s Playbook Series for Amazon ads contains 28 campaigns across the three main ad types:

  • Sponsored Products
  • Sponsored Brands (including Sponsored Brands + Video)
  • Sponsored Display

Amazon Ad Types


How Do I Use the Playbook Series?

The Playbook Series is designed to be easily accessible to sellers of every level (even sellers new to Amazon advertising). As long as you’re enrolled in Brand Registry, you can use every single campaign discussed in the Playbook.


Each campaign has its own section, outlining how to set it up (down to every last option). There will also be a link to a corresponding video, in which Mike will personally walk you through the campaign strategy.

The Playbook Series can be used in a variety of ways; how you use it depends on:

  • Where your product or brand is at in its evolution: The Playbook contains launch campaigns for new products, remarketing campaigns for well established brands, and everything in between. If you’re looking to build a bigger, more profitable brand, the Playbook is your guide.
  • What kinds of gaps you have in your advertising: If you’re missing customers at certain stages of the Customer Buying Cycle, use the Playbook Series to fill in the missing pieces of your advertising strategy.
  • Your budget: The Playbook is designed to help you market like a mega-brand, even on a budget.

Download The Playbook

What Is The Customer Buying Cycle?

The Customer Buying Cycle (or “Customer Journey”) is a time-tested marketing principle. It breaks down the psychology of every step a shopper takes in their journey towards making a purchase.


The Customer Buying Cycle has been proven, time and again, to be an effective way to design a marketing strategy – especially for ecommerce shoppers like Amazon customers.


In the Playbook Series, we’ll give you a “CBC 101” so you can understand this concept, and then build an Amazon advertising strategy based upon it.

What The Playbook Series Does Not Cover…

Entourage’s Playbook Series is designed as your playbook for creating the various ads you’ll need to build a successful marketing strategy.

The Playbook is all about the build – which campaigns, why, and when. It is not meant as a resource for how to perform ongoing optimization on your campaigns.

For guidance on ongoing optimization strategies, consider checking out the free Entourage Blueprint Series.


How Do I Download the Entourage Playbook Series?

You can download Entourage’s Playbook Series, totally free, by clicking here or the button below.

Download The Playbook

We’ll ask for your name and e-mail address. Then, click the big yellow button and the Playbook is yours.


After downloading, you get a series of 5 emails, which will give you more information on Amazon advertising strategies. We’ll never spam you, and you can opt out any time.


Ready to download the Entourage Playbook Series? Click here. If, for some reason, implementing the Playbook Series doesn’t give you a clear roadmap for successful Amazon ads, we’ll even schedule a free strategy call with you to figure out why.

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About Mike Zagare

He is the owner and founder of PPC Entourage, one of the original amazon ad software and management companies. Mike started off as a physical therapist in 2015 and just knew there had to be a better way so he started his ecommerce journey. Using the power of Amazon Ads, he built a 7 figure brand in less than one year. Now he helps other sellers do the same with free valuable education, PPC Entourage software and the ad agency. He is also the author of the Amazon Ads Playbook series.

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