What Is Amazon DSP?

Mike Zagare
Founder PPC Entourage
June 29, 2021
2 min read

Long time Amazon sellers may reminisce about the days when the only ad type was Sponsored Products. Long gone are the simpler times of “Manual or Automatic.” 


To be competitive in today’s Amazon landscape, sellers need to take a multifaceted approach. This means leveraging Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands (including Video), Sponsored Display, and for many, Amazon DSP.


Amazon DSP is the newest form of Amazon advertising, and is not readily available by default within the Advertising Console. This has created an almost mysterious aura around the newest addition to our advertising arsenal, leading many sellers to wonder…

What Are Amazon DSP Ads?

Amazon DSP ads are just a different form of advertising. DSP stands for “demand-side platform,” and ads purchased via DSP can be shown on Amazon, or on their massive off-site exchange.


Amazon DSP ads are different… Very different. Their complexity requires a higher level of experience in marketing and advertising, which is why many sellers opt to outsource their Amazon DSP advertising to an experienced manager or agency.


DSP ads use programmatic advertising, a combination of machine learning and automation. They offer a more nuanced ability to target your audience using display, video, and audio ads. Standard Amazon ads (SP, SB, SB+V, SD) allow sellers to target their ads at a higher level, while DSP ads allow for far more advanced customization of targeting. 


DSP provides audience insights which help sellers to market to potential buyers on a more granular level, which is absolutely essential when advertising on a massive exchange.

Can Anyone Use Amazon DSP Ads?

Technically, Amazon DSP advertising is available to everyone. However, their complexity and cost have made DSP appear unattainable to smaller and mid-sized Amazon brands.


Amazon does offer a managed service program to offset the issue of complexity, but with a minimum ad spend of $35,000, average sellers often find it cost-prohibitive. 


How Can I Use Amazon DSP Without The High Minimums?

For sellers who can’t (or simply don’t wish to) maintain such a budget, working with an Amazon Advertising agency that is involved with Amazon’s Preferred Partner program is the perfect solution. Agencies that meet certain criteria, like Entourage Management Services, are able to manage DSP advertising on behalf of sellers without the high minimum budgets.


Ready To Market Like A Mega Brand?

Programmatic advertising is how the “big boys” play the game, but it doesn’t have to be exclusive to the wealthiest companies. To learn more about how your brand can take advantage of everything DSP offers, while also improving the performance of your standard Amazon ads, schedule a call with the experts at Entourage Management Services.

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