What Is Amazon Brand Registry?

What Is Amazon Brand Registry?
July 12, 2021
Amazon brand registry

Amazon Brand Registry is a major step in the evolution of Amazon brands. 


You see it in Youtube videos. You hear about it on podcasts. You know your competitors have access to it. But before you fill out any applications or jump into a whole new aspect of selling on Amazon, you want to do your homework. Read on to learn…


What Is Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry is a program designed to give verified trademark owners better control over their brand’s presence on Amazon.


What Are The Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry?

The benefits of Amazon Brand Registry are huge. Brand Registered sellers are given an additional layer of protection from trademark infringement and black-hat sellers. In today’s hyper-competitive (and not always “above board”) world of ecommerce competition, this safety net has been a lifesaver for many sellers.


Sellers enrolled in Brand Registry also have more control over how their brand appears on the Amazon marketplace. Brand Registry unlocks A+ content, which gives sellers the ability to further customize their product detail pages with additional images and copy, helping to establish brand legitimacy and increase conversion rates. It also allows sellers to create Storefronts, which are amazing opportunities for building your brand’s identity and cross-selling products.


Further, Brand Registry unlocks an entire array of high-impact advertising options and analytics. Using Brand Analytics, you’ll know your customers’ shopping behavior better than ever. You can then use that data when creating Sponsored Brands ads (including Sponsored Brands Video ads), which engage potential customers in new and compelling ways.


What Are The Requirements For Amazon Brand Registry?

To enroll:

  • Your brand name must have an active registered trademark or have a trademark pending registration (there are country-specific guidelines for trademarks that are still pending). Pending registrations via Amazon IP Accelerator are acceptable.
  • The trademark must be a word-mark or a design-mark.
  • The active trademark needs to appear on your products/packaging.
  • You must provide a list of the categories your brand’s products will be listed in.
  • You must provide the government-registered trademark number.
  • The enrollment application may only be submitted by the trademark owner. You can add access to others in your organization later.

How Much Does Brand Registry Cost?

Nothing. There are, of course, fees associated with trademark registration, and these fees vary depending upon your country, but Amazon themselves do not charge anything to enroll in Brand Registry.


Do You Need A Trademark For Amazon’s Brand Registry?

Yes – you need to have an active registered trademark, have a pending trademark registration (allowable depending on the country), or have a pending trademark application via Amazon IP Accelerator. The trademark must be a text-based mark or an image-based mark that includes words, letters, or numbers.


How Do I Register My Brand On Amazon With Brand Registry?

Make sure that you (the trademark owner) have reviewed all of the requirements discussed at this link. When ready, click “Enroll Now” at the bottom of the page, select the country in which you wish to enroll, and then sign in. 


Important: Be sure to sign in with the account associated with the brand you wish to enroll. Enrollment activation will be based on how you sign into Brand Registry during enrollment. 


I’ve Enrolled In Brand Registry… Now What?

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