What Are The Best Free Amazon PPC Courses?

What Are The Best Free Amazon PPC Courses?
February 17, 2021

The world of Amazon advertising is not only complex, but is constantly changing. Oftentimes, sellers feel as though the moment they finally master something, Amazon changes it. This means having a trusted, reliable resource for Amazon PPC education is critical for sellers who want to stay ahead of the curve.


Many sellers don’t have money for expensive courses. Truth be told, you can find everything you need to know about the basics (and even some advanced tactics) in free resources. Of course, there are paid courses that provide value, but if you know where to look you can find most of the “meat and potatoes” available at no cost.


Note: The following courses and resources are in no particular order. They all provide value and are opportunities for sellers with different learning styles to absorb information in the way they see fit. 


Amazon Advertising Learning Console

When learning the ropes of Amazon advertising, why not go to the source?


After listening to the requests of sellers looking for concrete information that came directly from them, Amazon created the Learning Console. The Learning Console is great for beginners who need to understand the basics, but is also an excellent resource for more experienced sellers who wish to leverage more sophisticated ad types.


The Learning Console is also highly trusted by some of best agencies and account managers in the world. Entourage Management Services, for example, requires every account manager to hold current certifications from the Learning Console.


PPC Entourage’s Fundamentals Course & Playbook Series

PPC Entourage offers two different free PPC resources, both of which are robust and chock full of valuable information. 


The first is the Entourage Fundamentals Course. The Fundamentals Course is a 9 lesson course, designed to teach the essentials of Amazon PPC to beginners. The lessons contain videos and helpful downloadable content, with quizzes at the end of each.


The second is the Entourage Playbook Series for Advertising on Amazon. The Playbook Series is meant for sellers who already understand the basics, and who are now ready to develop an advertising strategy. It contains in-depth lessons on applying marketing principles to the Amazon landscape, and tutorials on how to set up specific campaigns for each step of the Customer Buying Cycle.


Both Entourage resources are led by Mike Zagare, the founder of Entourage, and are designed to provide “maximum value with minimal effort.”


Seller App’s PPC Strategies

Seller App’s PPC Strategies is great for sellers who want quick info without getting too “in the weeds.” 


While not as detailed as some of the other options, the layout is fast and intuitive, and quickly presents the basics over five pages and easy to understand videos. The course covers introductory information on campaign types, various analytics, and tips for optimization.


Additional Resources

When it comes to getting a thorough understanding of Amazon PPC without putting down a credit card, courses aren’t your only option. As simple as it sounds, there are a ton of excellent educational videos available on Youtube. 


The trouble is in filtering through them to ensure you’re getting trustworthy information. 


The extra few minutes it takes to research an expert or company could save thousands of dollars (and countless hours of work), so don’t be afraid to ask around and get some feedback on who to follow. Fellow sellers on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Reddit will usually be happy to provide advice.

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About Mike Zagare

He is the owner and founder of PPC Entourage, one of the original amazon ad software and management companies. Mike started off as a physical therapist in 2015 and just knew there had to be a better way so he started his ecommerce journey. Using the power of Amazon Ads, he built a 7 figure brand in less than one year. Now he helps other sellers do the same with free valuable education, PPC Entourage software and the ad agency. He is also the author of the Amazon Ads Playbook series.

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