Tips for Amazon Sellers of Every Level When Considering Amazon Coaching

Tips for Amazon Sellers of Every Level When Considering Amazon Coaching
Updated: September 15th, 2022
Amazon Coaching

Part one of a two-part article designed to teach Amazon sellers of every level how to find reputable coaches, avoid the fakes, and how coaching may benefit brands at any point in their evolution. For part 2, click here.


Amazon Coaching is indispensable for all Amazon sellers who are truly serious about building and maintaining a thriving Amazon business.

The Amazon marketplace is an extremely competitive, take-no-prisoners arena, with its own body of special requirements, policies and secrets. 

It often takes a great deal of trial and error (equating to wasted money) for a seller to successfully create strategies that can consistently deliver positive results, especially when going it alone.

While there are free resources available that cover many aspects of how to sell and become profitable on Amazon, these free resources don’t come with the expertise, individualized guidance and support that an experienced coach and a quality coaching program can provide.

The Benefits of Amazon Coaching

An expert Amazon coach and program can be an extremely valuable asset to sellers at every stage of their professional journeys (newbies, intermediate, experienced), in several critical areas.

Amazon Coaching can… 

  • reduce time to achieving goals and minimize unanticipated risks
  • motivate, educate on best practices, and guide smart business decisions
  • help to develop profitable Amazon advertising campaigns
  • identify and eliminate unnecessary expenses and underperforming strategies 
  • prioritize and implement strategies to increase profits/scale business
  • improve time management skills and lower stress

Finding the Right Coach

Finding the right coach and coaching program can be challenging. Unfortunately, there are individuals offering Amazon coaching services and programs that are not genuine, and take advantage of new sellers, or those sellers who do not take the time to perform their due diligence.

These “coaches” are simply in it for the money and instead of giving Amazon sellers the help they require, exploit their desires for a thriving and scalable business.

Before hiring an Amazon coach, sellers should educate themselves on the basics of what makes a quality coach and coaching program that they can put their trust in to help them to achieve their business goals.

Sellers should also keep in mind when choosing an Amazon coach, that although an individual may have a successful Amazon business, that person may not have the full range of knowledge needed to effectively address the entire scope of a seller’s unique challenges.  

Sellers are also cautioned to weigh more than an individual’s Amazon private label revenue in order to determine if he or she would make a good coach or not.  

A seller who grosses only $15,000 per month may be a good coaching candidate, having the unique experiences, insights and character that are an ideal fit for a particular seller’s needs. Conversely, a seller who grosses $150,000 per month may not have the communication skills or willingness to commit to the time and effort necessary to help a seller to be successful.

Coaches who work within the framework of a coaching program have multiple resources that they can call upon in order to design customized strategies, as well as access to the insights and experience of other coaching team members.

What Makes a Good Coach?

A good coach… 

  • has been successful in creating, maintaining and growing a successful business that generated consistent cash flow and revenue 
  • has had proven success as a coach
  • has good accessibility and will follow up with clients beyond scheduled calls, providing additional resources as appropriate
  • has exceptional listening skills that allow them to understand their clients’ unique challenges, desired outcomes and how best to help them where they are struggling
  • has a positive mindset and loves to teach. These qualities are used to help give their clients the resiliency needed to thrive when challenged, and guide effectively.
  • holds clients accountable

6 Reasons to Hire an Amazon Coach

Consider hiring an Amazon coach if you need help to…

  1. get started selling on Amazon,
  2. create optimized advertising and branding strategies,
  3. learn how and when to use different Sponsored ad types, match types, and ad options,
  4. eliminate wasted Ad Spend, 
  5. maximize profit margins,
  6. keep up with all of the Amazon ad updates

How Does Amazon Coaching Work?

Generally, there are two types of coaching clients. There are experienced sellers who desire a consultation in order to confirm that the strategies they are currently using are appropriate for achieving their overall goals, or individuals who need new ideas for building their brand. 

The second group of clients consists of those newer to Amazon. They are looking for experienced guidance in setting up shop or need specific help in an area such as how to structure their campaigns.

A coach will initially meet with a seller one-on-one, on a scheduled call, to learn about the seller’s business goals and vision. Some coaching programs like Entourage’s Amazon Ads Coaching +, may also send a questionnaire in advance of the scheduled call, which can help the coach to devise actionable strategies from the start, reducing the time until clients experience the positive outcomes they are seeking. 

Either type of seller would be responsible for the implementation of any collaborated strategies, and would remain in control of their ads, working to complete those step-by-step tasks between coaching sessions.

Finally, as the coaching client achieves the agreed upon business goals, the coach will evaluate the process with the client and help them to identify new objectives and the best paths for moving forward to reach them.

Amazon coaches can help sellers to scale their businesses faster with less headaches, wasted time, effort and money. They are equipped with the experiences, knowledge and proven systems to successfully guide sellers through the many twists and sometimes dangerous turns of selling on Amazon. 

If you are at a pivotal point in your Amazon business, unsure of how to move forward to the next level, or just starting out, overwhelmed by all of the moving pieces that go into building a thriving Amazon business, schedule a call with us to explore how we can help.

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For Part 2 of this series, click here.

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