The Most Advanced Amazon PPC Software Ever Is Coming

Mike Zagare
Founder PPC Entourage
September 1, 2021
2 min read

On September 20th, the single biggest advancement in Amazon PPC software is coming.  


Old LogoPPC Entourage was one of the very first solutions for Amazon sellers looking to simplify their PPC.

Our goals were simple – to save you, our fellow Amazon sellers, time and money. And that’s what the original PPC Entourage did.

We were called “revolutionary.”

But being the first to arrive doesn’t mean you’ll always be the best.

Since we began our journey, there have been countless advances in Amazon advertising. As such, third party tools like ours have become more complex. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for worse.

We’ve seen competitors come and go: Artificial Intelligence that wasn’t as intelligent as we’d all hoped, automation that crashed, and more. 

And here at Entourage, we’ve had our own experiences with setbacks. The original version of PPC Entourage existed long before things like Sponsored Brands, video ads, or Sponsored Display. At a certain point, the old Entourage just couldn’t keep up.


That’s why we’ve decided to completely change the game and to revolutionize the world of Amazon PPC, just like we did all those years ago.

Entourage 2.0
will change the way you think about your Amazon advertising. We’re not talking about a shiny new tool that will get lost in the shuffle of managing your ads. We’re talking about completely reimagining what Amazon PPC software can do.

In the coming weeks, we’ll share more about what’s in store for you. Follow us on
Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and subscribe to our Youtube

We simply can’t wait to show you the next evolution of Amazon PPC tools. 


A revolution is coming on September 20th. Stay tuned.


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