The Death (And Rebirth) of Entourage

The Death (And Rebirth) of Entourage
September 15, 2021

Maybe you’ve seen my recent emails or caught some of the social media posts in recent days. People are buzzing about it. And rightfully so.


PPC Entourage as we know it is about to die. 


I’m pulling the plug.


But as I’ve said… From the ashes, something revolutionary will rise.


Why Entourage As We Know It Has To Die



The original version of PPC Entourage was packed to the brim with cool features. But lots of features doesn’t always mean the best tool.


We were the very first tool that allowed sellers to actually optimize campaigns solely in our interface and not have to deal with Seller Central, but being around a long time means we accumulated a ton of features, bells, whistles, and lines of code that aren’t necessarily relevant to how Amazon ads currently work.


Let’s just say it. PPC Entourage became bulky and couldn’t keep up. We were fighting with our own infrastructure just to make updates and fix bugs, and it was keeping us from doing what we do best – innovating on behalf of Amazon sellers.


Are We Still Here? (Yes!)



So, what does the Death of Entourage mean for existing Entourage users? What about people who have been thinking about working with us? Are we still here?


Yes – we’re still here, and we’re ready to bring you something brand new.


Way back at the very beginning, when we brought you some of the earliest Amazon PPC software tools, we were called “revolutionary.” 


We’re killing off the old Entourage so that we can make room for a new revolution in Amazon advertising software. 


Entourage 2.0 will arrive on September 20th, and you’re invited to the launch party


Join us September 20 at 3pm ET for the Death and Rebirth of Entourage. We’ll pay our respects to the recently departed, and then we’ll dive right into how Entourage 2.0 is going to make your life easier and help you to make more money on Amazon.


The Start of a New Journey – Together

The original Entourage is about to be no more, and I want to say thank you to every single seller who trusted that tool to help grow their brands. The original Entourage might be gone, but a new journey is about to begin.


I want all of you, whether you’ve worked with us in the past or are just getting to know us, to join me on that journey


I vow to make Entourage 2.0 the best Amazon PPC tool on the market, and the ultimate resource for you to grow your brands. I will, as always, be right there with you as a fellow seller, working with you and listening to you to ensure we provide you with everything you need to beat your competition and achieve success.


Don’t miss the webinar. This will be epic.

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About Mike Zagare

He is the owner and founder of PPC Entourage, one of the original amazon ad software and management companies. Mike started off as a physical therapist in 2015 and just knew there had to be a better way so he started his ecommerce journey. Using the power of Amazon Ads, he built a 7 figure brand in less than one year. Now he helps other sellers do the same with free valuable education, PPC Entourage software and the ad agency. He is also the author of the Amazon Ads Playbook series.

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