Should I Run PPC on a Keyword I Already Rank For?

Should I Run PPC on a Keyword I Already Rank For?
January 28, 2021

Everyone wants to use their ad dollars in the smartest way possible. After all, there isn’t an Amazon seller in the world who wants to waste ad spend.


But we all know that sometimes, you’ve got to spend in order to rank.


What happens if you’re already ranking well for a keyword? Should you continue to spend money on it? Should you shut off PPC completely?


It can be a little confusing, and there is some misinformation out there. In this article, we’re going to clear up once and for all…


Should I run PPC on a keyword that I already rank for?

The Sweet Spot

The first thing to evaluate is why you are ranking well for a particular keyword. If you’re ranking well for a keyword because you’ve been spending, you’ll need to be extremely careful about how you handle your next steps.


Just because you’ve secured the number 1 spot doesn’t mean you can just turn off PPC. Even if you do well organically without PPC, if advertising is even partially responsible for your success, you’ll need to find the “sweet spot.”


The “sweet spot” is the lowest possible amount of money you can spend on a keyword while maintaining that killer ranking. Slowly reducing ad spend (very, very gradually) while monitoring your ranking will allow you to pinpoint the budget you need to allocate in order to maintain rank, while not wasting valuable ad dollars.


Bonus Tip: Use Entourage’s Organic Keyword Tracker to closely monitor your rankings.

Real Estate

Another factor to consider is the secondary benefits of your spend on a keyword you’re ranking well for. A major benefit? Taking up valuable real estate on the search result page. 


If you diversify the types of ads you’re using to target the keyword in question, you’ll have ads appear in various locations. Not only are you showcasing your products in new and interesting ways (potentially scoring some New To Brand sales), but you’re boxing out the competition as well.


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