If I Have The Same Keyword In An Ad Group Twice, Will I Be Double Charged?

Mike Zagare
Founder PPC Entourage
March 24, 2021
1 min read

As Amazon’s rules and algorithms have changed so much over the years, there is sometimes confusion on exactly how the auction process works when setting up ads.

Duplicate keywords were once a major issue for sellers using Sponsored Products, but Amazon has made changes that are supposed to alleviate those problems. This leads many Amazon sellers to wonder…


If I Have The Same Keyword In An Amazon Ad Group Twice, Will I Be Double Charged? 

The short answer is… No, you will only be charged once per click. 

However – it is important to remember to have different bid prices for the same keyword if it exists in multiple match types in the same campaign.

Amazon has released clear guidelines on the matter, which state:


“Keywords don’t compete against each other…If you advertise the same product with the same keywords across multiple campaigns, your ads won’t perform better or worse.”


For a more detailed play by play of Amazon’s keyword guidelines, click to read our article, Amazon Keyword Targeting Best Practices.


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