Amazon Business Report Upgrade – How To Optimize the Mobile Visitor Experience in 5 Easy Steps

Amazon Business Report Upgrade – How To Optimize the Mobile Visitor Experience in 5 Easy Steps
April 20, 2022
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Amazon Business Reports give sellers data that focuses on important facets of their businesses. The Business reports are located under the main tab > Reports section > Detail Page Sales and Traffic, within Seller Central. These can be used to improve the mobile visitor experience for your guests. 

Amazon has recently (March 29, 2022), expanded the available information in the Business Reports tool to include Amazon Mobile App data.

Why Amazon Mobile App Data Is Important To Sellers

This is important information because access to this additional traffic data allows sellers to track views across mobile as well as desktop, in order to help them to make informed decisions that can help them to further improve discoverability, price competitiveness and conversions. 

Now sellers have the ability to add columns within their reports. 

Sellers can see where they’re getting the highest number of views per child ASIN or parent ASIN. They can determine, for example, if they have any SKUs that are ‘mobile heavy’ and then optimize their mobile visitor experience to be mobile-centric, which differs in various ways from the desktop user-experience.

Amazon Mobile vs. Desktop

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The experience a shopper has on Amazon’s mobile app or in the mobile browser is very different from shopping on an Amazon product page on desktop from the shopper’s standpoint.

The desktop user-experience usually consists of six key sequences:

  1. Title/Images
  2. Bullets
  3. Bought together and Ads
  4. A+ Content
  5. Description
  6. Reviews 

In the mobile visitor experience, what is presented to the visitor may vary somewhat from product to product because Amazon periodically experiments with how products are presented on their mobile app. Currently, the user-experience sequence follows this format:

  • Title/Images (the actual image ratio on mobile is different than desktop)
  • Bought together and Ads
  • A+ Content (“image-rich” emphasis on visual presentation)
  • Bullets/Description (presented below images and A+ Content)
  • Reviews 

Understanding the percentages of visits coming from each of these sources can help sellers to optimize and scale their businesses by fine-tuning their efforts and marketing resources towards enhancing one type of visitor experience over the other.

Mobile Traffic Data’s Impact on Session Percentage

Traditionally, Amazon calculated the Session Percentage by Total Sales (all orders) divided by Total Sessions (desktop only). 

For sellers, the inclusion of additional mobile traffic data has had a startling impact upon their session/conversion percentages.  The session/conversion percentages that now include data from mobile app views are far more accurate, and those percentages are significantly lower. 

The additional mobile traffic data could often double the number of sessions, dramatically reducing the session percentage. 

Because Amazon did not include mobile views in the Session Percentage (conversion rate) number, the session percentages shown were typically hyperinflated by as much as 40% to 50%. 

The Session Percentage is now calculated to include mobile and desktop numbers. Adding mobile data yields a much more realistic Session Percentage.

How to Optimize the Mobile Visitor Experience on Amazon

  1. Take advantage of the new reporting data. Sellers should…
    • login and add the new mobile data reporting columns 
    • carefully analyze each SKU to determine which products are getting the most views on the mobile app
  1. Carefully evaluate the product presentation sequence. For those products with a heavy mobile session concentration, sellers should go into the Amazon mobile app to evaluate their product’s presentation and visitor experience sequencing. They should ask themselves these questions in order to optimize the mobile experience for their customers…
    • How do the images appear?
    • What appears first?
    • How far down are the bullet points?
    • How does the A+ Content appear?
    • What do the reviews look like?
  1. Dedicate time to investigate your mobile shopping experience. When sellers only pay attention to their desktop visitor experience and neglect to take the time to investigate how their mobile experience impacts potential customers, they run the risk of missing out on possibly as much as 30% or more of potential low-hanging additional sales.
  2. Optimize images to enhance the mobile shopper’s experience. Sellers who are seeing an increasing shift towards the mobile views should optimize their mobile images to help improve their conversions. The recommended aspect ratio is 2000 x 2500px (px=pixels).
  3. Optimize A+ Content for Mobile

Amazon prioritizes the A+ Content before the Bullets. Therefore, sellers should prioritize creating A+ mobile content that effectively guides shoppers along the Customer Buying Cycle to a successful conclusion (they purchase).


By providing an exceptional mobile-centric experience for visitors, sellers can improve the performance of those products that are likely to receive more ‘mobile attention,’ such as lower dollar value items, as opposed to more expensive products that may be researched and analyzed more extensively on desktop.

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