Managing Amazon Ads in Bulk: Enhancements for Bulk Operations in 2022

Managing Amazon Ads in Bulk: Enhancements for Bulk Operations in 2022
May 25, 2022
amazon ads in bulk 2022

The new Bulk Engine has arrived for managing Amazon ads in bulk, courtesy of Entourage 2.0.

Forget bulk spreadsheets. Forget being limited to just bulk optimizations. Bulk Engine empowers you to cut waste while also expanding profitability, all in one intuitive experience.

Managing Amazon Ads in Bulk

For sellers who are familiar with the earlier version inside of the Entourage software, this release not only improves upon the existing bulk optimization features you’re familiar with, but it also now includes all ad types (Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, Sponsored Brands Video) and introduces brand new expansion capabilities that can be done in bulk.

For sellers unfamiliar with the Entourage Bulk Engine feature, this blog will outline why Entourage’s new Bulk Engine is the premier optimization tool for adjusting Amazon Ads in Bulk simultaneously, saving sellers of every level significant amounts of time and effort.


How the Bulk Engine Features Have Been Upgraded

The Bulk Engine’s visual presentation is now more streamlined. The Bulk Engine has been condensed onto one screen. Users no longer have to search for different modules inside of Entourage. 

Upon entering the Bulk Engine, users will find three main tabs at the top, now all located on a single page: Bulk Optimization, Bulk Expansion and Target Search.

Bulk Optimization is now broken down into five (5) different modules. 

They are: 

  1. SKU Optimization – finds all of the SKUs with an ACoS higher than the Target ACoS and allows the user to pause them inside of campaigns simultaneously. For campaigns without a target ACoS, the system default Target ACoS is used.
  2. Bid Optimization –  finds all keywords/targets that have a high ACoS and allows the user to adjust target bid prices in several (or all) campaigns simultaneously to lower ACoS and reduce Ad Spend.
  3. Search Term/ASIN Optimization – identifies search terms and ASINs that are losing money and allows the user to add them as Negative keywords.
  4. Negative Word Finder – breaks down search terms that are losing money into individual words and allows users to negate them in phrase match.
  5. Advanced Optimization – provides additional in-depth options for optimizing campaigns simultaneously. Within the Advanced Optimization module, there are five (5) optimization ‘Actions’ available for use…‘Find High CPC Targets’, ‘Find Zero Impression Targets’, ‘Find Low Converting Targets’, ‘Find Targets with Spend and No Sales’, and ‘Review All Negatives’.

Every Module Now Has Its Own Template. These templates do not transfer into other optimization options. For example, if a seller sets up a template in Search Term optimization, ‘5 clicks-no sales’, it will not appear when that seller is working in the Expansion module. This prevents a seller from inadvertently using a saved template from another module.

Bulk Optimization now allows users to filter and optimize by Portfolios. Users save time because they no longer have to search by campaign name. Sellers can choose a single portfolio to optimize, or multiple portfolios at once. Also, Sponsored Display campaigns can now be placed into portfolios.

The Bulk Engine Optimization Filter Templates can now be saved. If there is an optimization that a user wants to perform each week, they can save that filter template and just reload it, saving them valuable time and effort.

Sellers can choose several ways to filter their campaigns. For example, in SKU optimization, sellers can filter by: Above Target ACoS, Orders, Spend, Clicks, Impressions, CTR% and AVG CPC.  This makes managing Amazon Ads in Bulk much easier.  


Scaling Profits in Bulk: Inside Bulk Expansion 

The Bulk Engine’s Bulk Expansion is comprised of three modules: Target Expansion, Search Term Expansion and Product Expansion. 

Sellers can perform these tasks in masse:

  • Find new keywords – Enter entire lists of keywords and let Bulk Engine weed out the ones you’ve already used in existing campaigns.
  • Search Term Expansion – Put your search term data to use by finding your most profitable search terms, automatically removing the ones you already have as keywords, and then adding the remaining search terms as new targets in campaigns.
  • ASIN Expansion – Dig back into your search terms without ever opening a spreadsheet, this time pulling top performing ASINs, filtering out those you’re already targeting, and adding the rest to campaigns.

Category Expansion – finds unique categories to target in order to help sellers to raise brand awareness


Target Search Feature

Sellers can now see how every single keyword is performing across different campaign types. You’ll be able to quickly identify what’s working and what areas need to be addressed in order to improve them.

For example, a seller could use the ‘Find Duplicates’ module to find duplicate keywords across selected campaigns.

Bulk Operations For All…

The Bulk Engine enables sellers to easily optimize, organize and adjust all of their Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display and Sponsored Brand Video campaigns, with a few clicks. 

Utilizing the Bulk Engine saves sellers massive amounts of time that could be put to better use developing new strategies for improving overall campaign performance and then testing them.

These are only the first wave of improvements and new features. 

Experience firsthand how the Bulk Engine can liberate you from the painstaking drudgery of managing and trying to optimize all of your campaigns in a timely fashion, by taking advantage of a Free 14-day Trial of the Entourage software

It’s risk-free. 

You have nothing to lose, but so much precious time to (re)gain by using our tool to manage Amazon Ads in Bulk.

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