How Much Does Entourage Margins Cost?

How Much Does Entourage Margins Cost?
October 12, 2020

If you’re looking for a business analytics tool built specifically for Amazon sellers, you’ve likely considered investing in Entourage Margins


Entourage Margins shows you… 

  • Which areas of your business are having the biggest impact on your overall profit margins
  • What your margin impact should be for each of those areas of business
  • How to fix areas in your business where you’re losing money
  • How to track various fees that impact your margins and cut into your profitability.


The investment in a business tool for Amazon sellers is another cost that impacts your profits, so it is important to ask:

What does Entourage Margins cost?

Entourage Margins is a month to month software subscription with no long term commitments.


Entourage Margins is billed per region. If you’re new to Amazon, regions are groups of Countries that Amazon uses, such as the North American region, which includes the United States, Canada, and Mexico.


Your first region is $97/mo. Additional regions are 10% off.


Note: All Entourage software applications, including PPC Entourage, Entourage Spotlight, and Entourage Margins, are free for clients of Entourage’s full service Amazon advertising management agency, Entourage Management Service.


What Regions Does Entourage Margins Support?

Entourage Margins fully supports the standard countries in the following regions:

North America, Europe, and Asia


Entourage Margins is making an update and will soon support the UAE, Japan, and Australia.


What Types of Margin Impacting Fees Does Margins Help Me Identify and Improve?

Margins is built for Amazon sellers, by an Amazon seller, so we know what fees have the biggest (sometimes hidden) impact on an Amazon brand.


While Margins lets you build in a variety of custom “margin eaters” to track, the system will automatically track…


Hard Truth: If you don’t know how much those fees are impacting your profit margins, you don’t know how profitable your business actually is.


Can Entourage Margins Really Help Reduce FBA Fees?

Entourage Margins has helped sellers from around the world to reduce FBA fees that were incorrectly charged at a higher amount.


Even better, Entourage Margins helps you to get reimbursed for the improper fees you’ve already been charged.


Does Entourage Margins Have a Money Back Guarantee?

All Entourage software subscriptions come with a no hassle money back guarantee. If you’re unhappy in any way with any of our software, we will reimburse your first month’s fee, no questions asked.


Does Entourage Margins Have a Free Trial?

All Entourage software subscriptions come with a 14 day free trial. We will ask that you put a method of payment on file so that you can easily continue your access to your account once the trial has expired, but you will not be charged during your trial period.


How Do I Sign Up For a Free Trial of Entourage Margins?

If you have ever been concerned, even for a moment, that your business may not be as profitable as you think it could be, click here to sign up for a 14 day free trial of Entourage Margins. 


Once you sign up, click here to schedule a Welcome Call with our Margins Support Specialist, Narifa. Narifa will show you around the system and teach you how to use it to improve your Amazon brand’s profit margins.

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