How Much Does Entourage 2.0 Cost?

How Much Does Entourage 2.0 Cost?
September 22, 2021
How Much Does Entourage Cost

“Out with the old and in with the new.”


Entourage 2.0 is the next evolution in Amazon PPC software. As such, Entourage has updated the pricing model for software to be simpler, easier, and more fair to sellers of every level.


How Much Does PPC Entourage 2.0 Cost?

Entourage software is an investment of 2.9% of your Ad Spend across any connected accounts.


Each month, your ad spend is calculated based on all of the accounts you’ve connected to Entourage. If you have a country/region or brand that you don’t connect to Entourage, you won’t be charged for it.


This keeps things simple from a billing perspective, so you don’t need to juggle multiple invoices for different brands and accounts. 


It also ensures our software is accessible to sellers of all sizes. No matter where you are in your journey as an Amazon seller, Entourage can be there for you as a valuable resource to help you to grow your business.


Is There a Free Trial of Entourage 2.0?

Yes. Entourage software comes with a 14 day free trial, so you know what you’re getting and have a chance to make sure Entourage is right for you before you ever pay anything.


What Is Different About Entourage 2.0?

Entourage 2.0 is the very best of everything Entourage has to offer.


We’ve taken all of the most powerful features and tools from the original Entourage and combined them with Entourage Spotlight and Entourage Margins. Then, we rebuilt everything on a new infrastructure to make the system faster than ever before, and able to handle massive amounts of data.


But Entourage 2.0 is more than just an upgrade.


The system is built specifically to be able to keep up with the constantly changing world of Amazon sales. When a new feature or ad type drops from Amazon, Entourage will have the ability to include it in our sophisticated systems so that you can continue to work in bulk and automated processes.


And of course, you’ll continue to get industry leading educational content from our trusted team of experts to help you stay ahead of your competition.


Will Someone Help Me Learn How To Use Entourage?

Ask any seller that is already working with us, and they’ll tell you how much they love our coaches and customer support staff.


New customers all get a personal walk through of the system from someone on our staff. Plus, we have TONS of easily accessible resources to ensure you never feel lost or overwhelmed.


Does Entourage Provide Agency Discounts?

Yes! Agencies who want to use Entourage 2.0 to manage advertising on behalf of their clients get a discounted rate. There is a 10 account minimum to qualify for agency pricing. Contact us directly to discuss your agency’s needs.


How Do I Get My Free Trial of Entourage 2.0?

To start your free trial of Entourage 2.0, click here.


You’ll fill out some basic information, including payment details (don’t worry – the trial is free!), and then you’ll be asked to sign into Seller Central to grant us access to your data.


Once the signup process is complete, it’ll take about 24 hours for Amazon to send us all of your data. We’ll email you automatically once your data is in.


I Don’t Want To Manage My Own Ads – Do I Need Entourage 2.0?

For sellers who don’t want to manage their own ads, Entourage Management Services may be the solution for you. Entourage Management Services can take over the entire process of managing your Amazon advertising on a day to day basis, creating and implementing a money-making advertising strategy (and always keeping you well-informed). 


All EMS clients get free access to Entourage 2.0 software.


Entourage: Software to Scale Amazon Ads and Results Driven Management.

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  • Automation that WORKS!
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  • Guided tutorials from Mike that help you save money!
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About Mike Zagare

He is the owner and founder of PPC Entourage, one of the original amazon ad software and management companies. Mike started off as a physical therapist in 2015 and just knew there had to be a better way so he started his ecommerce journey. Using the power of Amazon Ads, he built a 7 figure brand in less than one year. Now he helps other sellers do the same with free valuable education, PPC Entourage software and the ad agency. He is also the author of the Amazon Ads Playbook series.

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