How Entourage 2.0 Solved The PPC Automation Problem

How Entourage 2.0 Solved The PPC Automation Problem
September 20, 2021
Automation Problem

Amazon PPC software has had an ongoing problem that no one has been able to truly fix.


In the past, Amazon advertising software provided two types of automation: rules-based and AI-based.


The problem has always been that AI-based automation has been unreliable at best, and rules-based automation has been cumbersome to set up.


In essence, one was flawed because it lost the “human element” that ensured relevancy, and the other was difficult to actually use in a way that saved time.


That problem has been solved by Entourage 2.0, which includes the next leap forward in Amazon PPC automation – Smart Pilot.




How Smart Pilot Saves You Time

Entourage’s new Smart Pilot isn’t just a new name for an old tool. The automation process has been completely streamlined, allowing you to quickly set up automation rules that make sense for your brand and products without jumping through hoops.


Smart Pilot is also built on a new, advanced framework, so it will always move at lightning speed and always be reliable.


You can also clone rules and create templates, giving you the power to come up with a set of automation rules that make sense for you, then apply them to multiple campaigns and ad groups with the click of a button.


Why It’s Just Plain… Smarter

Smart Pilot doesn’t just give you options for automating bid prices. You can use automation rules for all kinds of optimization, to ensure you’re adding the proper negatives and adjusting your advertising investment properly.


But Smart Pilot goes beyond optimization. It helps you to grow, too.


With a robust expansion section, you can use automation to find your most profitable areas of advertising and to safely scale up.


And to make sure you’re never applying a rule to the wrong products or targets, you can apply your automation settings to either the entire campaign, or on an ad group by ad group basis.


Keep It Basic, Or Get Advanced

For many sellers, there’s no reason to get bogged down in advanced automation tactics. If anything, it can lead to accidental optimizations. Smart Pilot allows you to keep it simple while still making a major impact on your ACoS, TACoS, and ROI.


For larger brands who are running more advanced advertising, more advanced automation is ready for you with a quick click. You can customize your lookback periods, custom frequency settings, and a whole lot more.


Want to try Smart Pilot for yourself? Click here to start your 14 day free trial of Entourage 2.0. In 15 minutes, you can unburden yourself from the day to day tasks that can consume your time and create overwhelm.


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