How Do I Spend Less Time on Amazon PPC?

How Do I Spend Less Time on Amazon PPC?
Updated: September 15th, 2022

Amazon advertising provides virtually limitless possibilities for Amazon sellers. There’s an endless amount of campaign types, tactics, and subtle adjustments that sellers can use to better capture new customers and grow their brand.

But as any seller will attest, a world of opportunities means the potential to waste a ton of time.

This may be leaving you to wonder:

How do I spend less time on Amazon PPC?

If you’ve decided to stick to the basics or intermediate levels of Amazon ads, you may want to manage them yourself. This leaves you floating in a sea of possibilities, but in danger of swimming aimlessly forever.

Assuming you’ve studied the basics, such as with a free Amazon Fundamentals Course, you’ll want to ensure you’re managing your advertising in two ways:

  1. Bulk Optimization and Expansion
  2. Automation

The third option we’ll discuss is in outsourcing management to an expert who can save you time and put more advanced ad strategies in place.

How do I optimize my Amazon ads in bulk?

The main interface Amazon sellers typically use is Seller Central. While a powerful way to create quick ads, Seller Central lacks robust bulk editing capabilities. For this, you’ll want to use a third party application.

In PPC Entourage’s Bulk Optimization tool, you can adjust keyword bid prices, add negative keywords, pause underperforming SKUs, and more… for all of your campaigns at once.

This saves a massive amount of time as you can filter out poor performing targets without having to look at each individual campaign.

Should I use automation on my Amazon ads?

Automation is something some sellers love, and others hate. The truth is, if used properly, automation can save you tons of time and is low risk. It’s all in how you use the tools at your disposal.

Entourage’s Auto Pilot feature is a great way to save time on basic optimization and expansion tasks. If you know, for example, that you want to reduce the bid price of a keyword with ten clicks and an ACoS over 40%, you can simply set that rule and know that your bids will be adjusted accordingly.

You can do the same for “negativing” search terms with a certain number of clicks without sales, or get more “in-depth” by setting a series of multiple rules in the same campaign.

If done carefully, automation can save you hours of not only optimization, but expansion as well (such as finding search terms with multiple sales, checking to see if they exist as keywords, and if not, adding them – cool!).

How do I find an Amazon advertising expert to handle my ads?

The best Amazon advertising is built upon a thorough understanding of the various ad types, their individual options and settings, and how this all connects to an overarching strategy of connecting with shoppers at various points in the Customer Buying Cycle.

It sounds like a lot… And it is.

To get that level of expertise, you can either invest a significant amount of time in studying Amazon advertising, marketing, and customer psychology, or you can outsource the day to day management of your Amazon advertising to an expert who’s been paid to already have such knowledge and experience.

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To find the right Amazon advertising expert to partner with your brand, consider starting with established agencies, especially ones that have a direct relationship with Amazon via the AWS Partner Network and Amazon SPN (such as Entourage Management Services).

You’ll want to work with an agency that has clear pricing, no long term contracts, and an assigned account manager so that you’ll have a direct point of contact. This will also mean that you’ll have the same person studying your brand and category, getting to know the nuances of your brand’s unique needs.

If you’re considering outsourcing as an option to save yourself the time required to properly manage advanced Amazon advertising, consider scheduling a call with us by clicking here to explore if Entourage is best suited to meet the needs of your brand.

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