How Do I Scale My Amazon Brand?

How Do I Scale My Amazon Brand?
December 9, 2020
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Sellers who are serious about turning their Amazon business into a true money making company all inevitably ask the same question:


“How do I scale my Amazon brand?”


Yes, it is possible to find financial freedom via selling on Amazon, but to be truly successful, you need to learn how to scale up your revenue generation.


Here are some tangible ways to scale your Amazon business via three different types of advertising: Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display.


Tips to Scale Your Amazon Brand With Sponsored Products:

  1. It is better to have fewer targets that are more relevant than to have many targets that are generic. You can then safely spend more money on relevant keywords and be more aggressive with your advertising.
  2. Perform Search Term Expansion every week to look for top converting search terms that you do not yet have as manual targets. 
  3. Running Product & Category Targeting campaigns.


Tips to Scale Your Amazon Brand With Sponsored Brands:

  1. High Quality Sponsored Brands Video ads are an amazing way to engage shoppers. They’re inexpensive to make, and video advertising is the hallmark of a professional, trustworthy brand. When shoppers perceive you as a real, trustworthy brand, they’re more comfortable spending money with you.
  2. Run Product & Category Targeting campaigns for Sponsored Brands. This tends to be overlooked because sellers assume they are the same as what is available in Sponsored Products, but your options for targeting and placements will allow you to capture shoppers at different phases of the Customer Buying Cycle.
  3. On that note, remember to build ads based upon the kind of audience you’re targeting. If you’re targeting a general audience, your creative will be very different than an attempt to capture people who are already familiar with your product lines.


Tips to Scale Your Amazon Brand With Sponsored Display:

  1. Audience, audience, audience. Sponsored Display opens up the ability to refine who you’re going after, and importantly, to retarget previous shoppers. Growth isn’t simply the ability to find new customers, it is the ability to add new customers while retaining and re-engaging the ones you’ve already won.
  2. Use Brand Analytics to determine which ASINs work best for cross-selling.


Bonus Tips for Scalability:


  1. Find new Asins on a regular basis to target – know your strengths and weaknesses, and target the competition you can beat.
  2. Always (always!) be looking for ways to improve your listing while remaining compliant with Amazon’s terms and guidelines. If you’re going to spend money to send traffic to a listing, that listing should be set up to convert.
  3. Leverage Brand Analytics to see the best combinations for virtual bundles and cross sells/up sells.


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