How Do I Rank For A Keyword on Amazon?

How Do I Rank For A Keyword on Amazon?
October 20, 2020
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Competing for sales on Amazon means understanding how to get keyword ranking. Trying to figure out the “best way” or the “hidden secret” to keyword ranking can lead you down an endless rabbit hole, when in reality, all you really need to know is:


What is the most important factor for ranking on a keyword?


The Problem

Let’s say, at this point, you’ve done everything correctly.


You’ve done your market and keyword research and found the keywords most relevant to your product. You’ve set up a ranking campaign and are bidding aggressively for that number 1 spot. 


But something is wrong. You’re barely receiving impressions or orders for that keyword, and perhaps you’re not even on page one


Amazon is notoriously secretive when it comes to how their algorithm determines ranking and awards impressions, however, after managing tens of millions of dollars in ad spend, Entourage Management Services has amassed tons of experience and data on what does and doesn’t work when it comes to keyword ranking.


Here are the biggest factors you need to focus on in order to fix this, and to ensure you’re able to compete for keyword ranking…


Conversion Rate On Keyword

It may seem obvious, but the biggest and best thing you can do to improve your ranking on a keyword is to get actual sales from it. The shopper searches, sees your product, and buys it. It is the number one way to ensure you rank for a keyword.


Sounds simple enough but… it also sounds like a bit of a catch 22, right? After all, if everyone was searching using that keyword and buying from you, you wouldn’t have this problem. Fear not – there are other things you can do to help your keyword ranking.


Indexing & Listing Placement

Another seemingly simple thing that tends to go overlooked – where is the keyword in your listing? 


If you’re running a ranking campaign for a keyword, make sure that keyword appears in your title or first bullet point. Once you update your listing, wait 2-3 days and then check to ensure you’re indexing properly for the keyword.


Overall Conversion Rate & Listing Quality.

In order to have a good conversion rate on a keyword, you’ll need to make sure your listing is set up for maximum conversions in general.


After all, if you don’t have a good listing for a good product, being sold at a good price point, why would anyone buy it?


Make sure you’ve got a competitive price point for your product, that your copy is clearly written in simple terms that highlight the benefits of your products, and that you have high quality images that exemplify how your product will make the shopper’s life better.


  • Avoid keyword stuffing, poorly Photoshopped images, and gimmicky language.
  • Always follow Amazon’s Terms of Service when it comes to what is (and is not) allowed on a listing.


FBA & Prime

Is your product FBA and Prime Eligible? 


Although Amazon does not directly say so, we’ve found that products being sold via FBA with Prime shipping take ranking priority. Because Prime Eligible products are more likely to ship and arrive within their promised date ranges, they many times create a better customer shopping experience. This may be why they are weighted differently for ranking.


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