How Do I Get My Listing at the Top of Amazon Using Sponsored Brands?

How Do I Get My Listing at the Top of Amazon Using Sponsored Brands?
March 17, 2021
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“Front and center.”


When we think of Amazon ads, and where we want to be placed when using them, this is usually what comes to mind.

With the entire world of Amazon sellers vying for top position, the question on every seller’s mind is…


How Do I Get My Listing at the Top of Amazon?

Sponsored Brands placement There are countless pathways to top positioning via Amazon PPC, but an important aspect of ad selection is knowing the potential placements for each ad. 

Most sellers start off with Sponsored Products ads, which are a great introduction to the world of Amazon advertising. While they do have Top of Search placement, they also have a variety of other placements where your ad may appear.

As Sponsored Brands provide the unique opportunity for banner advertisement at the top of Amazon’s SERP, above even Top of Search Sponsored Products, this article will focus on using Sponsored Brands for this purpose.


What Keywords Should I Use for Sponsored Brands?

As has been the pattern with Amazon over the past 2-3 years, relevancy is king when it comes to target selection.

Honing your targets to be as precise as possible will play a major role in your ability to secure the “top spot” using Sponsored Brands. Keep the keywords you select as closely related to your product as possible, and focus on Exact match

If you’re concerned about your budget and CPC, phrase match can be used. Remember to use a shielding strategy to preemptively add certain negative terms in your campaign so you don’t connect with search terms that are not relevant enough.


Elevating Top of Search Placement

Regardless of the match type you use, it is still possible to show in other areas besides Top of Search.

To mitigate this, you’ll want to turn off Automated Bidding.

This will give you access to another setting, which will allow you to reduce your bid price by up to 99% for all placements other than Top of Search.

Automated Bidding off

Make sure to adjust your base bids to ensure you are getting the traffic you desire as Top of Search. TOS tends to be more expensive, so allow for a more robust budget.

Need Help Securing The Top Spot on Amazon?

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