How Do I Advertise a Product Bundle on Amazon?

Mike Zagare
Founder PPC Entourage
November 18, 2020
2 min read

Creating a Virtual Bundle has become an increasingly important way to generate revenue and improve scalability for Amazon sellers.


However, simply creating a bundle isn’t enough. You need to know how to properly show existing customers, as well as potential new customers, what bundles you have available.


Many sellers try to create a Sponsored Products campaign for their bundle, only to find that this option is unavailable, leaving them to wonder…


How do I run PPC for a product bundle?


1. Make The Right Bundle

First, make sure that you’ve created the best virtual product bundle possible. When creating bundles, you’ll want to make your decisions based on the best data available to you so you know what your customers actually want to buy bundled together.


Head over to Brand Analytics and go to Market Basket Analysis. Go to Display “My products only.” This will show you which combinations of products have been selected by your customers and the top combinations chosen. 

2. Choose The Right Type of Advertising

Once your bundle is created and live, you may now run PPC. 


You’ll want to run Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display ads for your bundles. 


When creating your campaigns, remember to think about what kind of customer you’re planning to target with each ad. Using Sponsored Brands to send traffic to your bundle is a great way to get exposure to new customers. Sponsored Display has functionality that will allow you to focus more on existing customers.


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