Expand Your Reach On and Off Amazon with Contextual Targeting

Expand Your Reach On and Off Amazon with Contextual Targeting
June 28, 2022
Contextual Targeting

Amazon has once again increased their targeting options for sellers. 

The next evolution of Sponsored Display product targeting utilizes Contextual Targeting.


What is Contextual Targeting on Amazon? (Contextual Targeting vs. Behavioral Targeting)

How Behavioral Targeting on Amazon Works

Behavioral targeting displays ads to specific audiences based on their online behavior. These include the type of website frequently visited, time spent on each site, interactions on the website (type of pages clicked through), and date of visits. 

The success of behavioral targeting depends on a large body of data, with first party data the most valuable. Which means sellers must have reliable software tools to collect and analyze it, strategies for using it, and have the time (or team) to optimize the whole process.

Behavior targeting data is tracked using HTTP requests or flash cookies where individual shoppers are identified using a cookie. Once sufficient data is collected, shoppers are grouped together as segments based on their behavior.

How Contextual Targeting on Amazon Works

Unlike behavioral data, contextual targeting has minimal reliance on personal information. This makes it safer for sellers who want to ensure they’re showing ads on compliant pages. 

Contextual targeting uses session information to determine a shopper’s intentions and interests in order to place a display ad on a webpage that is directly relevant to the product being sold in the ad.

Sellers are able to show their ads to audiences based on what they are currently browsing, as opposed to using data collected, stored, and analyzed about shoppers over a period of time.

Also, because Contextual targeted ads are specifically tailored for audiences who are interested in the product, they are less likely to be viewed by shoppers as intrusive (unlike traditional banner ads).

While Contextual targeting may not be as personalized as Behavioral targeting, its reach will be broader in most circumstances, providing a valuable way to attract shoppers off of direct competitors and other similar websites.

This targeting feature is available to sellers and vendors through the Advertising Console in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates.

How to Create a Contextual Targeting Campaign

Contextual targeting campaigns follow the standard Amazon Ads structure to create and manage campaigns. Sellers who have previously created Sponsored Products campaigns, will find the concepts very similar.

During the creation process of a Sponsored Display campaign, the Targeting section will now appear as shown below:

Contextual Targeting In SC


How To Use Contextual Targeting to Expand Reach On and Off Amazon

Previously, contextually targeted campaigns would only show on Amazon. However, Amazon realized that there were also several other opportunities to attract shoppers during their day, as they browse other web pages or use their preferred mobile apps.

Now a seller’s ads may appear both on and off Amazon depending on the seller’s bid optimization and targeting strategy. Amazon will show contextually relevant ads on Amazon detail and shopping result pages, third-party websites and apps, and Twitch at the same or improved cost per click.

The selected targets within a seller’s campaign determine whether the ad will appear on or off Amazon:

  • Category and “similar product targeting” serve ads both on and off Amazon. 
  • Category with refinements and product targeting serve ads on Amazon only.

Sellers can pair Contextual targeting with page view optimization strategies, combined with a remarketing strategy to help drive additional reach and conversions from the increased traffic to their detail pages. 

Since the ads are placed by matching and considering the searcher’s intent, contextual ads usually have a better chance of achieving higher click-through-rates and conversions by influencing shoppers to make impulse purchases.


Tailor Your Amazon Targeting Strategies For Your Brand’s Specific Needs

There’s no perfect strategy that works for every Amazon seller when it comes to Amazon advertising. When it comes to Contextual Targeting, its value lies in relevance combined with reach and ease of implementation.

Discovering an exact formula for consistently converting shoppers takes time and effort and can often mean working with an experienced team of Amazon advertising experts. 

If you are not satisfied with the results you’re getting and want to improve the performance of your ads, Entourage Management Services can work with you to create an end-to-end advertising roadmap designed for your unique needs and sales goals. 


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