Entourage 2.0 – The Next Evolution of Amazon Advertising Software

Entourage 2.0 – The Next Evolution of Amazon Advertising Software
September 19, 2021
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Amazon is the new frontier for entrepreneurs. 


With uncharted territory comes monumental challenges, and to face those challenges, you need monumental innovation.  


That innovation has arrived.


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Introducing Entourage 2.0.





Over the past weeks, you’ve learned the true story of Entourage and gotten the “behind the curtains” look at our triumphs and defeats. 


Every step of our journey was taken with you in mind. We wanted to create a tool that gave you a significant competitive edge. Today, we are so very proud to bring you the result.


Entourage 2.0 is the next leap forward in Amazon PPC software. It is faster, easier to navigate, more intuitive, and more powerful. 


Simply put, there is finally an Amazon advertising solution deserving of your time and investment.


Click here to sign up for today’s webinar at 3pm ET to get access to Entourage 2.0


How Entourage 2.0 Will Change The Game


Entourage 2.0 is designed to be completely adaptable to the constant changes in the Amazon landscape. Never again will your software fall behind when Amazon releases a new ad type – you’ll stay on the cutting edge as Entourage 2.0 is designed to easily enable and include future Amazon ad types and updates.


Bulk Operations at Lightning Speed

Larger sellers rejoice – where other software takes forever to churn your data, Entourage 2.0 is built on a new framework to perform faster and to allow you to perform huge bulk operations that save you time (not leave you sitting around waiting for pages to load).


Bulk Operations aren’t limited to basic optimizations, either. Find top performing search terms and add them as targets in bulk, expand upon existing campaigns, make advanced updates across multiple ad groups, and more. 


End result? You’ll spend less time on your ads, and make more money from them.


Intuitive Design & Advanced Business Analytics

Our entire interface was designed from the ground up to let you get in, get the work done, and get out, without confusing or time consuming navigation. You can access all of your automation, bulk operations, campaigns, and portfolios all from one Command Center.


To make Entourage 2.0 even more powerful, we’ve woven the Spotlight and Margins tools directly into the 2.0 system, which means Entourage 2.0 will allow you to manage all forms of Amazon Sponsored Ads, and also allow you incredible visibility on your brand’s margins (and what fees are costing you the most money).


Being successful on Amazon isn’t just about killer ads. You need to know where your money is going, if you’re being overcharged on fees, and have the clarity of data to make informed decisions. Everything you need is now in one place. It couldn’t get any easier.


Click here to sign up for today’s webinar at 3pm ET to get access to Entourage 2.0


More Intelligent Automation with Smart Pilot

Amazon sellers have been thirsting for an answer to their automation needs. Artificial Intelligence just doesn’t have the “human element” needed to make nuanced decisions, and the automation that existed was limited to hard rules like “increase/decrease bid” or “add negative.”


The answer has arrived: Smart Pilot.


Smart Pilot takes care of the basic automation that sellers are used to, but goes well beyond. With the click of a button, Smart Pilot allows you to completely set up an entire campaign based on one of Entourage’s proven campaign templates, then automates ongoing optimization.


It even allows campaigns of different ad types to communicate with each other, meaning you can pull relevant data from Sponsored Products campaigns and automatically use it in Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display. There are no longer any limits on how to automatically create campaigns, increase revenue, and decrease ACoS and TACoS.


See It For Yourself With Special Access

Tonight, I’m hosting a live webinar where I will reveal Entourage 2.0, and I am inviting you to be a part of the launch.


Click here to join me for today’s webinar at 3pm ET.


I’ll be including some special offers and bonuses for people who join me on the webinar. I try to include live Q and A time at the end of every webinar I do, so come ready to ask me questions directly (or just say hi – I love meeting sellers from our community).


There will be special access to offers that will likely never be available again, so don’t miss out. Register here.


I want to close by thanking you – all of you. Maybe you’ve worked with my team and I in the past. Maybe the experience was wonderful… or maybe we fell short. Perhaps you haven’t worked with us yet, and you just follow for the advertising tips.


Every single seller who has ever been a part of the Entourage community – thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope that you’ll join us on the next stage of our journey.




Entourage: Software to Scale Amazon Ads and Results Driven Management.

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About Mike Zagare

He is the owner and founder of PPC Entourage, one of the original amazon ad software and management companies. Mike started off as a physical therapist in 2015 and just knew there had to be a better way so he started his ecommerce journey. Using the power of Amazon Ads, he built a 7 figure brand in less than one year. Now he helps other sellers do the same with free valuable education, PPC Entourage software and the ad agency. He is also the author of the Amazon Ads Playbook series.

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