Corona Variables: Simple PPC Adjustments to Protect Your Brand

Corona Variables: Simple PPC Adjustments to Protect Your Brand
March 25, 2020


As I was putting together some guidelines for the account managers in my agency, I came to the realization that some of these ideas might be insightful and useful to the Entourage Seller Community as a whole.

The video above is the exact video I shared with my internal team, which I’m sharing directly with you, in hopes that it will provide clarity on simple steps you can take to adjust your PPC during the financial crisis and pandemic.

It is dangerously easy to become overwhelmed by the constantly changing landscape of selling on Amazon at present, so it is crucial to break down the variables and to remember the simple actions you can take to help your brand to not only survive, but to eventually thrive once again.

If you have any questions on how to handle various PPC related scenarios, leave me a comment below. I hope this helps, and that wherever you are, that you and yours are safe and healthy.



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