Can I Have The Same Keyword In Different Campaigns?

Can I Have The Same Keyword In Different Campaigns?
October 7, 2020
Keyword Targeting

Many sellers new to Amazon advertising are confused about some of the best practices for targeting keywords


One of the questions that comes up most frequently is:


Can I put the same keyword in more than one campaign?


The short answer is: yes!


Putting the same keyword in more than one campaign isn’t a problem at all, however you’ll need to be aware of the match type you use in each campaign.



While you can not compete with yourself to drive up the bid price on the same keyword, if a keyword is in more than one campaign, in the same match type, for the same product, the campaign that contains the keyword with the higher bid price will likely get the lion’s share of impressions and clicks.


The most important thing to remember is to never put the same keywords in three different match types in the same campaign with the same bid. 


If you’re placing a duplicate keyword (in the same match type) in a new campaign with the intention of shifting impressions and spend towards the new campaign, this should automatically happen over time if the new campaign contains the keyword at a higher bid price. Once the new campaign has taken over completely, you can then pause the keyword in the original campaign. 

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