How Amazon Sellers Can Get More Value From Coaching Programs

How Amazon Sellers Can Get More Value From Coaching Programs
March 31, 2022
Coaching Programs

In Part 1 of our educational series on Amazon coaching, we revealed how Amazon coaches and quality coaching programs can benefit any seller regardless of where they may be in their journeys selling on Amazon.

Coaching Programs yield several dividends which include:

  • guiding sellers on how to use their time and energy more efficiently,
  • providing a roadmap with clearly defined objectives, timelines and built-in accountability. 

In Part 2, we will explore how a seller can get the maximum value from participating in a coaching call or program.

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How The Best Amazon Coaches Operate

Coaching is a collaboration

It works best when the coach takes on the role of a guide, rather than a drill instructor, telling sellers what to do, when to do it, without any input from them, and they mindlessly follow each ‘command’.  

An ideal Amazon coach is a careful listener, who collaborates with their coaching clients to devise the best strategies to help them to identify and resolve their unique challenges. 

While the Coaching Programs may work within a proven, results-driven framework, this doesn’t mean they’re operating from a ‘cookie-cutter’ perspective using boilerplate methods.


“I never give my clients a laundry list of standard things to do. I take whatever time necessary to create one-of-a-kind plans for each of them.” 

“Clients come to me because they need a helping hand…guidance. I take that very seriously and invest all of my knowledge and experience into justifying the trust that they have placed in me to help them to be successful.”

– Jeremiah Shaw, Amazon Ads Coaching +


Coaching Programs Begin From Where the Client Is As A Seller

An excellent Amazon coach recognizes that there are two types of coaching clients, and that each type requires an approach customized to their needs. 

The first group consists of experienced sellers that have a basic understanding and knowledge of Amazon advertising and are seeking a consultation. They are looking to come away with suggestions on how to improve their advertising strategies and their overall efficiency. 

The second group consists of those individuals who are near the start of their journeys as Amazon sellers. Most of these clients have a full-time job and selling on Amazon is a side-hustle. 

These coaching clients typically need help with:

  • analyzing data,
  • identifying key metrics,
  • performing keyword research, 
  • understanding where to invest their time, and
  • learning how to structure their ad campaigns. 

They want to expand their knowledge and require a guide to help them to navigate through what they feel are an overwhelming number of Amazon seller ‘best practices’.  


“One of the most common things that coaching clients need help with is understanding the different campaign options available to them in order to meet shoppers at each stage of the Customer Buying Cycle.” 

“I help my clients to identify key points on which to act upon in order to know what to do next.” 

– Jeremiah Shaw, Amazon Ads Coaching +

What Sellers Should Expect On Their First Coaching Call

On the initial call, the coach focuses upon discovering the unique needs of each participant. The coaching calls are structured by certain touch points, such as:

  • an overall review of the coaching client’s account
  • whether or not the client has existing campaigns
  • how much time (daily/weekly) is available to the client to invest in achieving mutually agreed upon goals
  • monetary resources available to the client (for ad budgets, securing products, etc.)
  • what tools, resources are available to them
  • the scope of their technical expertise (can be an important factor in assessing ‘reasonable goals’ and windows for completion of tasks)

Once the coach has completed the client assessment and gained some understanding of who the person is and their objectives, the coach begins to collaboratively design actionable strategies.

A good coach will take the time at this stage (and throughout the coaching relationship) to help the client begin to cultivate the proper mindset. The coach will work to instill the importance of committing to consistent/disciplined effort over time. 

Sellers can maximize their outcomes by balancing their desires to achieve their goals as quickly as possible, with an understanding that “an elephant is eaten one bite-at-a-time”. 

Impactful changes take time. 

Sellers should set realistic expectations for themselves and their Amazon coaches.


Seller Preparation is Key for Discovery of Client Needs and Ultimate Goals 

Seller preparation for the coaching call is an important starting point for maximizing results.  

If the seller comes to a coaching call with a clear idea of why he or she has started their Amazon business, and an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, this information will facilitate them spending less time picking apart things to figure out what the problems are, giving them much more time to create strategies that allow them to move forward.


Amazon Coaching Clients Must Be Proactive About Achieving Their Goals

A proactive accountability on the part of the coaching client helps to ensure that progress is made after the coaching call. 

The client should be encouraged to follow up via email (between calls) to let the coach know if they are experiencing any unforeseen difficulties in execution of the agreed upon plan.

The client should also have the opportunity to provide screenshots or examples that show the coach a basic setup for a campaign they are working on. This would allow their coach to evaluate whether or not the client is on-track or may need some additional tweaks before the next call.

Accountability becomes not a matter of ‘what is required’, but something that the client views as a necessary step towards the fulfillment of their goals and is eager to do.


Never Stop Learning

Coaching Programs provide a proven path to success as an Amazon seller. 

Any seller who wishes to carve out and scale their business within a niche must be willing to learn continuously, while judiciously implementing the knowledge they have gained from their Amazon coach. 

It’s a matter of following the roadmap that has been carefully created and heeding the markers along the journey.

If you are at a pivotal point in your Amazon business, unsure of how to move forward to the next level, or just starting out, overwhelmed by all of the moving pieces that go into building a thriving Amazon business, schedule a call with us to explore how we can help with your coaching programs.

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