Amazon Prime Day 2020 Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon Prime Day 2020 Frequently Asked Questions
September 29, 2020
Prime Day

After nine strange months in the world of ecommerce and a postponement of one of the biggest sales events of the year, Amazon has finally confirmed the dates for Prime Day 2020.


This article will answer frequently asked questions about Amazon Prime Day 2020, from the basics of when Prime Day is and how it works, to resources on advertising properly for the event.

When Is Amazon Prime Day?

The question on every seller’s mind since Prime Day was postponed earlier this year has been: When is Amazon Prime Day 2020? 


The 2020 Prime Day sales event will take place on October 13 and 14.

Prime Day

Since Prime Day is right around the corner, Amazon is making a major push to ensure customers are well aware of the upcoming two-day event. 


This means there will be a drastic increase in traffic on Amazon in the days leading up to Prime Day, and of course during the two day event.


Additionally, if you already have Prime Day deals lined up, customers will be able to see them before they are active and use the Amazon app to get notifications on when the deals open.

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How Do I Take Advantage of Amazon Prime Day? 

Now that Prime Day is looming, sellers want to know: How Do Sellers Participate in Amazon Prime Day?


Unfortunately, if you haven’t already set up your Prime Day Deals, the window has closed. We’ll outline how to prepare for next year later in this article.


If you’d like to be alerted when 2021 Prime Day Deals open for Submission, click here to join our private Facebook group. We send out alerts when deals open.


Don’t worry! You can still take advantage of all of the additional traffic that occurs on and around Prime Day.


Even if you haven’t set up your Prime Day Deals, you can still launch Prime Exclusive Deals and use Coupons to boost your sales during this high volume period.

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What Are The Guidelines for Creating Prime Day Deals?

Amazon has strict requirements for Prime Day Discount Eligibility. 


Below are Amazon’s guidelines on Prime Day Deals:


Do I Need To Run Prime Day Deals To Get Prime Day Sales?

No – if you missed the window for 2020, you can still take advantage of the higher volume of traffic. Consider a Prime Exclusive Deal for the dates immediately preceding or following Prime Day.


On Prime Day, you can also use Coupons to catch the attention of shoppers searching for great prices. 


How Should I Prepare for Prime Day?

1. Snag Those Deals Slots!

When next year’s Prime Day deals open up, you’ll want to secure your deal right away. 


Click here to join our private Facebook group – we send out an alert when deals open up. 


2. Have Your Stock Ready

Once you know you’ll have your deal, you’ll want to ensure you’ll have the available inventory to back it up. 


Part of what made 2020 chaotic was delays in shipping and check-ins. Avoid the last minute stress, and line up your inventory to ensure you’re scheduled for delivery to a fulfillment center at least 30 days prior to Prime Day.


3. Optimize Your Listings

If it has been a while since you reviewed your listing for accuracy, consistency, and compliance with Amazon’s Terms of Service, this is a “must” if you’re participating in Prime Day. 


Double check keyword placement to ensure you’ve got your best keywords in your title and first two bullet points, and just as important, that all keywords are indexing properly. 


Remove anything that violates Amazon TOS (anything!), and make sure anything that can be done to boost conversion rates is done at least one full month ahead of Prime Day.


4. Adjust Your Advertising Strategy

Prime Day (Prime Week, really) is a high traffic time of year, and as such, you’re bound to get some “window shoppers.” These are the people who surf Amazon and do plenty of clicking… but not a lot of buying.


Protect yourself from overspending by reducing budgets on discovery and research campaigns that tend to be higher ACoS and investing that spend into campaigns that deal in higher relevancy.


Final Thoughts:

Participating in Amazon Prime Day can be a major advantage if prepared for and executed properly. 


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