Amazon New Seller Incentives Program

Amazon New Seller Incentives Program
May 12, 2022
Amazon New Seller Incentives

Recently launched was the Amazon New Seller Incentives program designed to entice new sellers to its platform. Amazon wants to make it easier for smaller new brands to have the opportunity to quickly connect with potential customers and grow their businesses.

Amazon is offering new sellers enrolled in a Professional selling plan, several incentives that could potentially be worth over $50.000 in value to those who qualify for them. These benefits would be available to new sellers for an entire year.

Although the program targets new sellers, current sellers can get the incentives if they launch products in a new region. The Amazon New Seller Incentives program is available in the US, Japan, and Europe. However, sellers launching in the EU (UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain) will only be eligible for the New Seller Incentives suite of benefits once for the region.

What Are the Benefits of Amazon’s New Seller Incentives Program?

New sellers who are identified as brand owners with Amazon Brand Registry can qualify for the following incentives:

  • A 5% bonus on up to $1 million in eligible branded sales (up to $50,000 in bonus value) or for 1 year after eligibility is determined, whichever comes first. This could potentially earn a new seller up to $50,000 in bonus payments (to be paid monthly as a credit the seller can apply to their next month’s referral fees).


  • $200 in credits for Amazon Vine*. This program gives sellers guaranteed, credible reviews from Amazon’s Vine Voices. The Vine program does charge for enrollment ($200 per parent ASIN), and brand owners must be willing to provide free units to reviewers in order to participate. 


  • $100 in credits for Transparency. Transparency is a program focused on helping sellers proactively prevent counterfeits from reaching shoppers, improve customer experience, and identify supply chain defects.

* To be eligible for Amazon Vine, items must:

  • have be enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry,
  • have fewer than 30 reviews,
  • have already launched with available inventory,
  • have an image and product description,
  • have an FBA offer in ‘new’ condition that can be purchased.

New sellers who adopt Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) hosted fulfillment services can obtain benefits that include:

  • $100 in credits in inventory shipping fees for using the Amazon Partnered Carrier program or $200 in credits in fulfillment fees for using Amazon Global Logistics. Amazon Global Logistics is a program that helps sellers send their inventory to warehouses worldwide for fulfillment in other countries.
  • Automatic enrollment in FBA New Selection, providing free monthly storage, liquidations for inventory that’s not selling well, and return processing for a seller’s eligible new-to-FBA ASINs.
  • New sellers that use FBA, can receive $200 in promotional clicks if they launch a Sponsored Products pay-per-click campaign with no end date that lasts for at least 30 days. This benefit is not available to sellers in France, Italy, Spain, or Turkey.

For new sellers who use Amazon Coupons, benefits include: 

  • $50 in coupon credits. New sellers can create compelling promotions for their shoppers in the Amazon store. 


Who is Eligible for the Amazon New Seller Incentives?

To be eligible for the Amazon New Seller Incentives, sellers must be on the Professional selling plan and launch their first buyable ASIN in the US on January 1, 2022, or later. Some benefits are specific to sellers who sign up for the Amazon Brand Registry, and others are for those who enroll in the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) program.

Eligibility for new Brand Owner benefits:

To receive the 5% bonus on branded sales, credits for Vine, and credits for Transparency, a seller must complete Amazon Brand Registry and be identified as a brand owner no later than six months after listing your first buyable ASIN.

Also, for Transparency and Vine credits, a seller needs to enroll into the Vine and Transparency programs to receive credits for these programs. Transparency is only available to a seller who has enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry with a registered trademark.

Eligibility for new Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) seller benefits:

To receive the inventory shipping discount, Sponsored Products credits, and be eligible for auto-enrollment into FBA New Selection, sellers must send inventory to an Amazon fulfillment center within 12 months of listing their first buyable ASIN.

In addition, to be eligible for Sponsored Products credits, a seller must launch a campaign with no end date for an FBA ASIN to receive the first $100 in credits. To receive the second $100 in credits, a seller must advertise an FBA ASIN for at least 30 days. Sellers in France, Italy, Spain, and Turkey (based on the country of residence entered for their account) are not eligible for promotional clicks credits through this program.


How New Sellers Can Get Expert Help

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