Amazon Listing Optimization Tips

Amazon Listing Optimization Tips
May 4, 2021

Revising the copy of your Amazon listings can help sellers to increase their sales and even bring a dormant product back from the dead.

Online shoppers have unique needs and steps that they go through before deciding to buy. If a seller’s listing copy does not meet those requirements, sales for that product will underperform. 

In addition to price, consumers are persuaded to buy because of the benefits that come with the products they are seeking, and what they can do. For an Amazon seller’s marketing efforts to be effective, online shoppers must be made aware of (and persuaded), that the seller’s products are both useful and provide good value.

In this blog, you will discover 5 tips for Amazon listing optimization, in order to revive your struggling Amazon listings.


Tip 1: Give shoppers a reason to choose you, something that makes your product or brand different. 

It’s vital that any seller is able to communicate this point in a way that is simple and easy to understand. If you are competing in a niche where listings are remarkably similar, your ability to STAND OUT can be the deciding factor that leads to an online shopper clicking on your listing and purchasing your product.

What need does your product satisfy? Does the potential customer understand how your product meets their needs? Let them know how it makes their lives easier, saves them time, and makes them feel better. You have to tell consumers. Don’t make them guess or come up with the answer themselves. Also, you should show how the absence of your product can create problems for them.

Tip 2: Use copy to connect with the person who is buying this product.

Don’t just tout product features or benefits. Speak to a deeper customer sentiment. People make purchases that fit who they are or who they aspire to be (or both).

Also keep in mind, that the person buying your product may not be the sole user of the product. Make sure your description of the benefits that come with the features includes everyone who might potentially use the purchased product. For example, not only should you describe the features of a toy (size, color, etc.) and the benefits (fun/educational), but also how the child will enjoy having it and playing with it. 

Educate them on why they need your product.

Tip 3: Infuse your brand personality into your listing copy.

It’s easy to become caught up in writing listing copy that’s optimized for conversions. Infusing your copy with brand personality is one of the best ways to make it emotionally engaging. Remember, it’s usually emotion (not logic) that initially convinces an online shopper to buy your product. 

Approach describing the features of your products in a way that is unique to your brand. Tell online shoppers how your product will connect in their lives in a way that is beyond just describing the product’s features. Be succinct, compelling and write in a way that invites them to continue reading (make it scannable).

Tip 4: Recent best practices including use of emojis and capitalization.

Keep your listings scannable, clean, lower-case, without heavy use of emojis and customer centric. The important thing to ask yourself, is whether or not the techniques you are using in your listings are appropriate for the audience that you wish to connect with. 

Do not use random emojis in your marketing without a plan. Be sure you know the meaning of an emoji before you use it. Even if emojis might be appropriate in the moment, they don’t always work as intended. There is no universal agreement on what several specific emojis represent.

Tip 5: Aligning your photo shoot with copywriting.

To create perceived value in your Amazon product listing copy, combine it with images that actually show people using your product (e.g., lifestyle). Choose images that tell a story or demonstrate a concept. Above all, choose images that are relevant to your value proposition. The most effective product images act as a visual benefits statement that aligns with the written copy. Images should work together with your copy to hammer home ‘this is what your life could be like’ after purchasing the product.

In today’s ultra-competitive environment both online and offline, it is critical for sellers to make the process from product discovery to purchase as simple as possible. This means creating product listings that help to ensure that your marketing experience matches the expectations of your potential customers.


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