Amazon FBA Fees 2021: Complete Guide

Mike Zagare
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July 26, 2021
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This is the 2021 FBA Fee article. For the 2022 FBA fee article, with the most up to date information, click here.

As expected, Amazon has recently implemented changes to their 2021 FBA storage and fulfillment fees. As official information for all of the changes spread across multiple pages, we have organized and condensed them within this blog in an effort to provide you with an easily referenceable resource on FBA fees. 


Tip: Bookmark this page to easily reference FBA fee baselines.

Bonus: For sellers who’d like a fun “blast to the past,” check out our 2019 FBA Fee article.


What Amazon Is Charging For Storage & Fulfillment In 2021


Amazon’s changes to their FBA fees took effect on June 1, 2021. The changes in fees are broken down into fees for:

  • Core FBA fulfillment fees (excluding apparel)
  • FBA fulfillment fees for apparel
  • FBA fulfillment fees for dangerous goods


For each of these segments, we will provide a before and after chart (Amazon is the direct source of these charts, so you can be confident in their accuracy). 


Additional Note: Amazon has eliminated the packaging weight adjustment for all three of these segments. 


Core FBA fulfillment fee changes (excluding apparel)

Below is a chart showing the updated fees for 2021. Again, the biggest update is the removal of the packaging weight fee. Pay special attention to the other fee changes though, as your standard fees have increased, and sizing restrictions reduced, in order to account for this.

(Source: Amazon)


FBA fulfillment fees changes for apparel

As with other fees, the fees for apparel are higher, and the weight restrictions are tighter, so while it may seem that the elimination of the packaging weight fee is a big win, the fee is made up elsewhere.

(Source: Amazon)


Fulfillment fee changes for dangerous goods

(Source: Amazon)


New Shipping Weight Calculations


Effective June 1, 2021, use the following guideline when calculating shipping weights:


  • Standard size, 0.75 lb or less: Use unit weight
  • Standard size, over 0.75 lb: The greater of the unit weight or dimensional weight
  • Oversize: The greater of the unit weight or dimensional weight
  • Special oversize: Use unit weight.


Calculating shipping weight costs is contingent upon knowing your product sizing tier.


What is my Amazon product size tier?

For standard-size products with a weight of 0.75 lb or less, and for special oversize products, use the unit weight. For everything else, Amazon uses the larger of either the single unit weight or the dimensional weight



Removals, disposals, and manual processing fee


Amazon has also updated their fees for removals, disposals, and manual processing.

FBA removal and disposal order fee changes

Manual processing fee changes

  • January – October: Fees will increase by $.05/unit
  • November – December: Fees will increase by $.15/unit


Adjusting for 2021 Fee Changes


Now that you have the tools to get a more accurate picture of your adjusted fees, you might be wondering what you can actually do with this information in order to save money.


Consider contacting your supplier/manufacturer to discuss making adjustments to reduce the overall size and weight of the landed product. Remember, packaging weight may no longer be a separate fee, but your standard fee has been adjusted to account for this. Adjusting how you package your products can help to reduce fees.

At the same time, you may also wish to do a deep-dive analysis of the overall profitability of each product using the Margins tool. Once you enter your landing costs for each product, Margins automatically retrieves data from Amazon to give you an accurate breakdown of which fees are having the biggest impact on your profit margins.


Tip: If you’ve been improperly charged certain fees by Amazon, it is possible to recover them. 99% of Amazon sellers are actually owed money, they just don’t know it. If you need help recovering those funds, the Margins Recovery Service team can help – they charge nothing up front, and only take a percentage of what they recover for you (if they recover nothing, the investigation is free).


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