Amazon FBA Fee Changes for 2022 (Including New Long Term Storage Fees)

Amazon FBA Fee Changes for 2022 (Including New Long Term Storage Fees)
November 24, 2021
FBA Fee Changes for 2022

It’s that time of year again, and Amazon has outlined their FBA Fee Changes for 2022. As verified information for all of the upcoming fee changes can be hard to locate, we have collected and outlined it all here in one central location. 


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Fulfillment fee changes take effect January 18th, with storage and inventory changes also taking place later in the year, so be sure to evaluate how this will impact your Amazon brand’s margins accordingly.


FBA Fee Changes for 2022


2022 Fulfillment Fee Changes For Non-Apparel Products

2022 Fulfillment Fee Changes for Apparel

2022 Fulfillment Fee Changes for Dangerous Goods on Amazon

A Note on Shipping Weight

Shipping weight may be based on either Unit Weight or Dimensional Weight. To calculate your Dimensional Weight, divide your Unit Volume (length x width x height) by 139. 


Determining Product Size Tier

Use the table below to determine your Product Size Tier. Note your single unit weight and dimensional weight and use whichever is larger. Standard-size products weighing 0.75 lb or less and special oversize products should use the unit weight. 

(Source for 2022 Fulfillment Fee Changes)


2022 FBA Monthly Storage Fee Changes 

Off-peak monthly inventory storage fees will be going up, effective February 1, 2022. Fees are increasing by $0.08/cubic foot for standard-size products. Fees for oversized products are increasing by $0.05/cubic foot. 

Aged Inventory Charges (Long Term Storage Fees)

A new long term storage fee will be implemented on May 15, 2022 for units that have been in fulfillment centers for 271 to 365 days. 

(Source for Inventory Fee Changes)


2022 Amazon Referral Fee Changes

There are no major changes for most products. The only change as of November 23, 2021 is a decrease in referral fees for Lawn Mower products, from 15% to 8%, which will take place on January 18th.


(Source for Referral Fee Changes)


2022 Amazon FBA Removal and Disposal Order Fee Changes

(Source for FBA Removal and Disposal Order Fee Changes)


2022 Small and Light Program Fee Changes

(Source for Small & Light Changes)


What All Of This Means To The Average Amazon Seller

With adjustments and increases to fees, Amazon sellers will see their profit margins impacted across the board. Knowing your true costs per product is absolutely necessary in order to have a clear understanding of your brand’s performance. 


If you’re working with an Amazon advertising agency, be sure to work with a team that is monitoring not only your advertising performance, but the overall health of your business. Amazon advertising is not an isolated area of your business, and making well-informed PPC decisions requires a thorough understanding of an Amazon brand’s margins, fees, inventory, and goals.


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