Amazon Case Study: Sponsored Brands Product Targeting with Mike of PPC Entourage

Mike Zagare
Founder PPC Entourage
January 30, 2020
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While Sponsored Brands Product Targeting (product targeting vs. keyword targeting) may still be in beta, the E Team and I conducted a case study of this feature in order to provide you with on-going intel/ insights on the mechanics of how things work.

Test parameters included:

✔️ Case study ran for four weeks (10/28 – 11/25, 2019)
✔️ Created a new Sponsored Brands campaign
✔️ Used Amazon’s suggested bid prices for all of the bids in the different categories chosen (account #1 = $20 per day / account #2 = $30 per day)

Here’s how we configured our campaign…

  1. Login to Seller Central
  2. Selected the best Sponsored Brands campaign (one already producing good results) and copied it
  3. Removed the keywords, replacing them with Product Targeting
  4. Chose Product Targeting option “target main category with no refinements”
  5. Used just the default price bid and target

Test Results:

Account 1

  • Relatively high ACoS of 79%
  • Total of 39 orders*

Key Takeaway: The percentage of new-to-brand orders (97%), equates to 38 out of 39 orders were new-to-brand orders.

Account 2

  • High ACoS
  • Total of orders: 33*

Key Takeaway: The percentage of new-to-brand orders (100%), indicates a great way to acquire new customers.

The E team and I believe that these results can possibly be improved by applying refinements to the category targeting section (such as refinement by price point, number of reviews, or Prime eligibility).

We’re going to test out these various refinements to our Sponsored Brands Product Targeting strategy and then circle back to you in about six weeks or so, to reveal what impact those changes had on our overall results.


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