7 Tips for Writing Amazon Headline Search Ads

7 Tips for Writing Amazon Headline Search Ads
June 9, 2021

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome for a lot of Amazon sellers is copywriting.

They may have solid campaign strategies, found the most relevant keywords, have their products completely retail ready, but then painfully struggle to compose custom headlines for their Sponsored Brands or Sponsored Display ads.

Creating custom headlines for products can be extremely frustrating and time consuming.

In this blog, we will present seven tips that can help any Amazon seller to craft better headlines for their Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display ads*. These simple tips can help to get your listing to be seen by more shoppers and to sell the click.

For Sponsored Display ads, headlines can only be created for Product Targeting ads. Also, Amazon restricts visibility for certain ad placements unless the seller’s ad has a custom logo and custom headline.

Amazon Sponsored Brands Best Practices

When using Sponsored Brands ads, there are 4 U’s (best practices) for crafting good headlines.

They are:

1. Make the headline Unique. It is a headline that is distinct from those of your competitors.

2. Make the headline Ultra Specific. This type of headline uses shoppers’ specific search terms.

3. Make the headline Urgent. This type of headline contains a powerful call to action, conveying a sense of urgency.

4. Make the headline Useful. This type of headline shows shoppers how they will benefit from purchasing a product (solves a problem).

Pro TipIt is not necessary to use all four of these U’s when creating your headline. Your headline should be crafted based upon where you are targeting shoppers in the customer buying cycle.

7 Tips for Writing Amazon Ad Headlines

This headline example is useful. It provides the perception that your product can help shoppers to solve a problem or fulfill a desire. If you can accomplish that task, your ad becomes much more clickable than those that don’t.

In this example, the headline promises to solve the problem of those shoppers who are uncomfortable and are experiencing problems with getting a good night’s sleep because they are hot and sweat profusely at night.

Good ad headlines make crystal clear to shoppers the benefits they will gain from purchasing a product.

This headline example tells shoppers that they will “feel amazing comfort while sitting”.

Remember, no one cares about your product. What matters to consumers is how it can solve their problems. This headline addresses the pain point of having to break new boots in before they are comfortable.

This headline highlights the versatility of the pants ‘from office to job site’.

Pro Tip: You can go into the product reviews section to see what shoppers are saying about your products. Use this information to write headlines that connect with user-intent (how the consumer is actually using the product).

Do not make your potential customers have to figure out what you are selling. Make the connection between their search query and your ad crystal clear by including the keywords in the headline.

This type of headline incorporates the ‘U’ related to being ultra-specific because it includes the keywords “2-way radio”.

In this headline example, the keywords “hunting knives” are positioned at the end.

Pro Tip: Use your Search Term Report to identify those search terms that have had several orders at a profitable ACoS (40% or less), with three or more orders, and a high click-through rate. Use these search terms in your actual headlines (preferably at the beginning of the headline).

Headlines should be as descriptive as possible. Give shoppers insight as to what they can expect from your products.

Pro Tip: Whenever possible, include any hard numbers/data as an additional means to attract shoppers by giving them very specific product performance details.

Headlines should be simple, using easily to understand language. They will be easier to read, making them more clickable.

This headline is super simple, while showcasing the functional benefits of the product.

The Entourage Spotlight Headline Creator helps sellers to quickly create headlines that increase their conversion rates, increase sales without increasing ad spend, decrease ACoS and help them to scale their Amazon businesses faster.

These are free templates that are broken down into different headline categories that can be a starting point for those sellers who sometimes struggle with writing effective ad headlines.

Headline categories include:


Use these headlines to build trust and credibility with shoppers. Best used on products that have a solid base of customer reviews. If you have additional characters at the end, you can add a call to action to see the impact it may have on clicks and sales.


Use these headlines to raise an eyebrow for potential customers. Giving them an inside look at what is great about your product will pull their attention.


Use these headlines to promote a feature of a product that you want to focus on. Best used on products with a solidified number of positive reviews.

Call to Action

Can be used as a stand-alone headline or added to the end of any headline to impact shopper behavior. (Buy Now, Learn More, Save Now, Read More, View More)

Brand Awareness

Use these headlines to not only to promote your brand, but to reach out to potential customers to let them know about your passion for your product line and what you want to be recognized as.

Use these 7 tips for writing Amazon search ad headlines, in order to create magnetic headlines that generate more sales when using Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display ads.

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